I am a Danish web developer and programmer.

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Why does the first blog always have to be the hardest?
Very well, let's give it a shot:
I believe, the first blog should be about who I am.

For starters: My name is Peter Rasmussen.
For novice: I am from Denmark. Yup, that Denmark. With the little mermaid, the high taxes (not my problem yet) and LEGO. If you know where Denmark is, go ahead and give an applause to yourself. You deserve it.
Moving on. Currently, I am a student at Odense Tekniske Gymnasium (OTG), and have just finished my first year there. In my spare time I enjoy designing and developing websites and programming. I also enjoy playing a good game once in a while. I have a special thing for Indie games, because I believe, it is where a lot of creativity and innovation has its offspring.
That is a wrap! That is all I wanted to share with you for now. I hope you have enjoyed either reading this or the nap you took instead of reading it.

Want to know me better? Visit my homepage Zadco.me or about.me/Zadco. There you will find a short bio, but more importantly you will find links to social networks I currently using. Feel free to add me on any of the listed services and contact me.

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Thank you for visiting my profile! If you have something on your mind, you want to share with me, leave me a comment here

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Happy New Year from Denmark!

Dec 31 2012 by zadco

Thanks, everyone! It has been a wonderful Christmas Eve with delicious food, lovely people and fantastic gifts! Could not have been better!

Dec 24 2012 by zadco

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Dec 24 2012 by zadco

Steam for Linux works like a charm! Can this day get any better?

Dec 22 2012 by zadco

Okay, Fate, I believe in you again!

Dec 7 2012 by zadco

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