Hi, I'm the Doctor M.D., not from Doctor Who or anything like that, I own a community and several servers that are relatively popular. I know how to do advanced mapping, and some coding.

>Be me
>Be 16 years of age at the time
>Christmas time and all I wanted was shrek on DVD
>Go down stairs to open presents
>Open a box it was a wii
>Drop the wii and run up to my room and cried
>Pray to shrek
>I smell a strange cent clinging to the air it smelled of onions and swamp
>All the sudden a loud thud down stairs
>I run down stairs to see shrek coming down the chimney
>Happy shrekmass he yelled as he grabbed my dad
>Shrek pulled down my dads pants and forces the wii inside his asshole
>Shrek puts in a shrek game and uses my dads penis as a wii remote until it rips off
>Shrek says "Game ogre" and snaps my dads neck and rips it off finally putting it ontop of the christmas tree
>Shrek grabs my grandmother who was visitng for christmas and rips her tits off
>she yells and screams for me to help her
>shrek puts his green cock in her tit hole where her tits used to be and fucks her heart until she dies
>he begins to rub onions on her corpse then eat her whole
>shrek looks at me
>i say i-is is ogre now?
>shrek says it aint ogre till i say its ogre
>he puts me to my knees and i look up to him with tears of joy
>shrek offers me his green onion smelling swampy cock and turns my head with his hand and puts it in my ear
>i get high from the shrek cock in my brain
>shrek juices begin to shoot from his cock and ooz out of my nose and all holes of my body
>he backs up "its all ogre now"
>he leaps threw the ceiling and threw the roof into space
>shrek is life shrek is love

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