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This is The Greek Group In ModDb. A small taste of home for every greek in the huge website of moddb. all greek friendly and greek members of moddb can...


Hey, just wanted to let you know you're an idiot when it comes to history which is really quite shameful considering your society CREATED the concept.

You know Celts and Gauls aren't decendent from Greeks but its the other way around right? During the bronze dark age of around 1200BC, barbarians from central europe invaded southwards which ended up causing the collaspe of most civlizations into a dark age. Mycene, the major 'Greek' kingdom was destroyed and the majority of those greeks were forced to settle overseas and would later become Phonceians.

So essentially, Greeks are decendent from Celts and Gauls and hell, even Illyrians to an extent (Celtic culture pretty much dominated all of europe at this period, if you want i can post a few links too). Ontop of that, less than 1% of the total global population has greek genes in them because while western society is built upon greek society, it was infact stolen and spread by the Romans instead.

You really suck at history bro.

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Orthodox_CRUSADER Creator

The first verifiable human events happened in 'Proto-history', which is the period between pre-history and history. Proto-historic records are king lists, annals and similar. History starts with the 5th and 4th BCE Hellenic Greeks, who assessed social and political events and put them into a wider context along with the lists & chronicles. In effect, the Greeks invented history.
Peter Brooke, By Kinmuck, Scotland

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Orthodox_CRUSADER Creator

cool story bro. nice try.

and what you say is not history, it is mythology, history starts in Greece in 4.000 bc. You now spoke of Mythology as i did at that Albanian mod, except if you saw it happening yourself or someone you know. And since we speak for Mythology go check again what i wrote. Celts, Gauls, Romans, Illyrians, GREEK words but since you dont know Greek you are not going to accept this.
and since you want History: Romans dicent from Aeneas a Trojan hero supposed to be the son of Aphrodite who escaped Troas with about 200- 300 civilians and some soldiers.From the prophecy of Alexandra they knew not to stop to the first but to the second shore. ( the first shore was Sparta and the second Cicily) there they started building their mighty empire THE ROMAN ONE. So from here we know that Trojans if not complitely Greeks they had our culture at 100% (same Gods same food same waters [Aegean sea] same clothes same architecture). You wont tell me about my history. Read your own propaganda. Now you will tell us that Alexander the Great was a Slavomacedonian and a communist.

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