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MechWarrior: Living Legends

Mod review - 2 disagree

Play MWO instead. You shouldn't make mods that compete with current games.


Faction Wars and Wishmaker



Mod review


Game review

CALL OF DOOM: COD Style Advanced Weapons MOD

Mod review - 3 disagree

Rated 10 for Mature


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Game review

Dusk of Glory

Mod review

Improves the game tenfold and is a must have. Many buildings now provide workers and the new buildings are excellent additions. Cities now also have new buildings at the beginning so that they're not useless cities anymore providing like 1 gold.

Rebalances the game very nicely with very nice additions.


Infamous Fusion

Mod review - 4 agree - 2 disagree

Far cry 2 had the best health bar system. This mod replaces it with a single and not working health bar instead. There is also no player arrow on the map and in real life you'd at least have a compass to know where you're going. These are the most experience destroying changes among some others. I know some people like this "hardcore" experience where you have no clue and are totally miserable. I don't as the game is tedious enough as it is. There are many great additions in this mod too but they do not matter when other changes harm the experience so much. Its quite amazing that this mod even exists given that they had to use a HEX editor for it. Maybe someone else than me can enjoy this mod a lot more.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review - 1 disagree

Just wanted to hop in and take a look... ended up playing the entire evening and night. Had some of the most fun since a long time.

As a Merc from Zaton going to the army Warehouses trying to take it over from Freedom. On the way there I had to build myself up first, grenade worked against controller. Got a nice suit. Fought zombies. Took a look at the known locations for good stuff. Then fought 2 Chimera or other big boss mutants together in a skirmish with freedom and mercenary buddies from a roof.

This is just really really good. I was never into DayZ or any other survival bs crafting game. But this here is good. This is STALKER in big and free and yet full with content.

It being Standalone is great too.
There is a SDK as well thats great.

However it crashes from time to time and there are numerous bugs too. Every new patch can break addons and mods made with it. Quite shameful for something that released years ago and calls itself 1.4


Cold War Crisis

Mod review

must have

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