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Team Fortress 2, along with Just Cause 2, are basically the way by which I blow off steam when I'm frustrated, such as with long crappy night shifts or annoying problems with mod assets. As a side project, I've decided to have a go at making some Team Fortress item packs.

The first kit I'm putting together is for the Soldier. It's call the "Looted" pack, and it's all the stuff the Soldier stole in Germany during the rampage in his backstory. In other words, German WW2 gear, suitably beat up.

The pack will consist of three new weapons (One per slot) and a hat. The theme of the pack is disruption; a Soldier running the looted pack hasn't got nearly the damage potential he usually has, but can throw the other team about with abandon. Here's a run down.

The PanzerFrick - Primary Weapon

Taking the appearance of a super oversized Panzerfaust, the Panzerfrick doesn't have ammo per say. Instead, it drops a single shot, then recharges, in the manner of the Sandman, for example. This shot does half-damage, but has double the regular radius and considerably more explosive force, thus scattering and disorienting those you fire it at. Obviously, it's also awesome for rocket-jumping.

Stutterin' Jerry - Secondary Weapon

Looking like an MP40 with the stock folded, Stutterin' Jerry is a submachinegun that does a little less damage than the sniper's weapon. It's advantage is that it hits targets similar to a sentry gun, and slows them similarly to Natasha. Thus, anyone suffering Stutterin' Jerry's attentions finds themselves at a sever disadvantage for escaping, chasing or maneuvering.

The Trench Spiker - Melee Weapon

This entrenching tool has been modified with a wicked serrated edge, and is made out of the finest, and thus heaviest, German steel. Swinging it is some work, so it takes a second to connect, and can't be swung again quickly. But when it does... boom! Instant crit!

I'll be starting with Stutterin' Jerry. Next update should contain all the models.

See you on the field!


cool! i might be able to make stuff like that too, tough practice is still key for now.

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It looks kind of interesting, but it seems odd to make the most independent and rounded class into a support.

I've had my share of TF2 weapon ideas, and yours look interesting because of their use for supporting other Soldier weapons outside the set.

By the way, I hate Soldiers with a passion, despite having a once-semi popular Rocket Launcher idea in a thread now deleted by time.

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What will the hat be? A different style of Stahlhelm?

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