Hello, everyone. I'm a Texan that is fascinated by anything Soviet and Stalker is my favorite series of games, bar none. With each new mod it becomes a new game. When I'm depressed, I play Stalker. When I'm bored, I play Stalker. When I'm happy, I'm playing Stalker. Thanks to kind and talented people like david.m.e. and the rest of the modders, I feel like I have a home here. None of this would be possible without this glorious set of games. Oh, the bio stuff? I'm a writer, three times divorced and happy being single. That's pretty much it. Favorite games are Stalker, Fallout 3, Dragon Age 1&2, Mass Effect, (only played the first), Far Cry 1&3, (hated 2), Divinity: The Dragon Knight Saga, Lost Odyssey, Red Faction Guerrilla, (playing Armageddon now), Deus Ex, (original and new one), The Suffering, (best horror since Silent Hill), Silent Hill 1,2 and 3. I love RPGs, I've played games like Morrowind and Oblivion. Skyrim didn't impress me.

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Aethernautics - A Space Travel Mod

Mod review

Excellent work.



Translated Russian mods

Mod review - 5 agree

Completely agree! They keep Stalker alive.


R.E.B.O.R.N. Another Way 2.53 ENG

Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

The best, most stable mod I've ever played for any game, much less Clear Sky. Superb graphics, atmosphere, (really adds to the horror aspect), and a story that demands that you keep playing. Perfect.

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