Ah. The "Profile Bio". Something all of us know how to make, but many would think it obscure. There is no article on wikipedia nor anywhere else that tells you how to make or write one. I shall perform an act of irony, and put the first how-to make a Profile Bio in a Profile Bio. Many are just one-hundred and eighty characters, but Desura has generously provideed us with one-thousand. If Desura had only provided us with one-hundred and eighty characters, I would not have the space to tell you all of this. As a matter of fact we have four-hundred and eleven characters at this period. There are three main types of Profile Bios. The first is the classic "Long Winded Nothing", like this one. The second tells you everything, and I mean everything, about the person writing the bio. The third is all lies. There is a fourth, but it doesn't count for much at all. The fourth kind of person doesn't write anything at all. You have no life, you read a 1k letter essay. I don't friend losers like you

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This is a phenomenal game with fantastic music. The levels are easy enough to play, and going back for SS provides a nice challenge, unlike so many games where it's impossible to fail. If all that's too easy for you, there are a few extremely difficult levels in each area that are harder to finish. Of course, you'll have to find them first...



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Totally badass engine, it does exactly what I needed it to do.

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