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I'm a HUGE zombie fan. I like many others started out playing the Resident evil games on Playstation etc when I was younger and that got me hooked on the Undead genre, a genre that is quite special and unique if you ask me. I'm a big fan of the whole Apocalypse scenario but stories involving zombies are my favourites.

Since those RE days I always wanted to play a Zombie themed multiplayer game. After being an active player of Vampire slayer (HL1 Mod) for many years I ran into Zombie Panic which was just released and playing that was a completely new zombie experience for me. I had seen a few Zombie movies, not too many, mostly the classic Romero ones but also others. Today I've compiled a list of the Zombie movies that I have seen up until now. It's not that short anymore and I keep adding to it, I'm constantly looking for low/no budget Zombie flicks to enjoy.

This is my list of seen Zombie Movies:

  1. Night of the living dead 1968
  2. Dawn of the dead 1978
  3. Day of the dead 1985
  4. Dawn of the dead 2004
  5. Night of the living dead 1990
  6. Night of the Living Dead 3D 2006
  7. Land of the dead 2005
  8. Diary of the dead 2008
  9. Day of the dead 2008
  10. Shaun of the dead
  11. Zombie flesh eaters
  12. Braindead
  13. 28 days later
  14. 28 weeks later
  15. Resident Evil
  16. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  17. Resident Evil: Extinction
  18. Grindhouse: Planet Terror
  19. REC
  20. Plane Dead
  21. Return of the living dead
  22. Return of the living dead 2
  23. The Zombie Diaries
  24. City of the living dead
  25. Evil Dead
  26. Days of Darkness
  27. Automaton Transfusion
  28. Zombie Strippers
  29. Undead
  30. Fido
  31. Night of the creeps
  32. Dead & Breakfast
  33. The living dead at the Manchester morgue
  34. Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery man)
  35. City of Rott
  36. Night of the Comet
  37. Gangs of the dead
  38. House of the dead
  39. House of the dead 2
  40. The Quick and the Undead
  41. Slither
  42. Deadlands: The rising
  43. The Stink of Flesh
  44. Zombie Night
  45. Zombie Night 2: Awakening
  46. Hood of the dead

Some are of course better than others but I enjoyed watching pretty much each and every one of them. I might talk more about my favourites later. I'll also talk a bit about Zombie fiction, which is something I like more than movies!

If you see a movie in this list that you haven't seen, just look it up on IMDB and search for trailers on Youtube. Feel free to ask me questions about any movie in this list.

Take care!


you should watch dead set if you haven't seen it, its decent.


I watched all 5 eps in one .wmv ... it was like a movie.

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