I'm a modding psychopath! every time I see new mods with more eye candy renders and uses engines which capabilities for graphics are a bee's dick away from complete photo-realism, I damn near mess myself! umm... crap.

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blog 2. great.
...these things are so useless.
well lookin at my comments section i got the grand total of 3 posts. all of which are just from mods i'm watching with the same message copied and pasted by the Devs who tell everyone else in their list of mod watchers the same damn thing. odly enough, i've had over 1.6 thousand views who just went on by didnt comment on anything.

i've only ever gotten one PM from someone that wasnt just a Dev replying to a question i asked them in a PM. it came from some guy called Deathbal101. cheers deathbal! me love you long time!

the only comment i have is under one of the images from another random called ChadaFACE. you should go over there and read what he said. it's absolutley riveting.

so if your reading this, post something! anything!
"Hey Nyangen, you're gay!"
"Hey Nyangen, i banged your mum!" (yes, i spell it like that, look at my nationality)
"Hey Nyangen, is that your real name? it sounds asian"
C'mon people use you're imagination!!!

...i've been waiting on that pizza for over a year now...
...i dont think the delivery guy's commin'



first post

NyangenRound Blog

mkay. so. my first blog post huh?... hmmm... the only thig i can think of is that it's hard it is to come up with crap for people to agree, or bitch about. anybody got my back on that one!? because untill the ball gets rolling and people start sayin stuff that leads to new places, debates, and ideas,  im stuck. so tell me your favorite mods, games, n other hobbies people and maybe i'll tell you mine.


...oh what the hell, Rise of the Reds, Apocolypse Rising, Vietnam Glory Obscured and many other mods n indie games rule! STICK THAT IN YOUR FORUM AND DISCUSS IT!!!

 ...there. that wasnt so hard after all  ;) ...

...hmm, i feel like a pizza...

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