Love Puzzles, Video Games (The ones made by valve are my favourite) Mods and my favourite colour is Red... Want to become a World Level Designer in the Future (maybe working for VALVE)

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As the person i am... I like to give small info that I'm not suppose to give such as mod plots, but today is an exception cause I'm Not going to Tell U anything from Aperture Beginnings.

Anyway Mappings A bitch, but it's fun when you see people enjoy your work especially after spending a week trying to make a perfect bts Area in portal 2.

You Know When I'm A serious Mapper, When I buy a 21 inch (wish there was some metric Quintilian) Just For Mapping

Here's Just where I waste my Youthful life at. Life Before Collage...

Here's my Desk
Desk 2 Of NunamedDragon

Same Desk Just without Blue Screen
Note, That'ss A Red Haf 922 Case I bought on my visit to Malaysia 1 day (yes i build my own PC) Lets Say mum Was not Happy when i returned.
MacBook and USELESS Beowulf Cluster On left side of Desk,(Supercomputer)
Desk 1 of NunamedDragon

Favorited Beverage Of A NunamedDragon, Black Tea Mixed with milk, Although it's Alot more Orange, that the picture makes it look
DRink of NunamedDragon

Hopefully The Years of mapping will pay off and i get a Job Here in like 10 years time...Note i've never released any of the maps I've created. Spent the last 3 years practicing and perfecting my skill.

NunamedDragon slowly working

NunamedDragon Blog

I take this time now to right down my thoughts, i started a mod as soon as i started mapping (REALY BAD IDEA) The mod became know as Alyx's Story which is dead... Why? You ask... I had no inspiration to guild me through the mapping... Now after a year of building up skill (with lots of procrastination bolted on i have got 600 hours combined in Source SDK and Portal 2 Authorising tools... DOESn't sound like much...
But i've gained the ability to imagine like i have never done before...

Why am I writing this...

Because I can...

I have chosen to join a modding group who are currently working on Aperture : Beginings The leader (is clearly like me when i started mapping) created the mod... It's gone really slow... So now I've joined but I know he's new to mapping... why when i Join and submitted my mapping proof. He asked me to start work on the first chapter (this is ok as the did one but now don't like it) from that he tells me nothing about the story so now i'm forced to imaging it, Hopefully I can save this mod (The leader has really good people helping him such as Crazyb2000 who is a great mapper - modeller - voice actor) but is only using him for voice acting which is still ok). IN nearly 8 months the team has not ever had a blood meeting.

Hopefully can help lead his team...

I'll find out i we Succeed.

Yes i know this is not the worlds greatest blog about a mapper but i had to start somewhere...

Edit: this mod started in 2010 this was before portal 2 was released (so he has had time to learn how to map)

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