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I'm a creative, CG artist and writer, aiming to work in the game industry as creative director. I studied Game Development for 2 years (learned to use Maya, ZBrush, 3D-Coat, UDK...) and currently study 2D animation and illustration in Belgium. My native language is French but I'm very fluent in English.
I've been willing to work in the industry for years, especially in the conception part while I do enjoy working in synergy with technicians to shape game design and give directions along the making of the game.
I've always been extremely creative and fond of writing and thus have a long time experience of plot and character design, universe creation etc. I know how to make a good story, create emotion and keep the audience tuned. ...But well, I hate to brag about what I can do.

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waiting for Skyrim Blog

I'm eager for it and now it's starting to make quite some stuff I've done to wait.

Here on Wordpress you can find some TES books I've done:

A Dish Better Served Cold is a short story inspired by the combat system when the first article about it was released
Var Var Var is a longer one, counting several books and setting in Morrowind, telling the story of a Khajiit
Children of Shame is a Breton's investigation on the matter of crossbreeding more into Oblivion setting.

And well, here on dA are few fanarts as well... I hope I have some time to do some more soon^^

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