Just in case you are tired of gaming and start reading ... Paul Feyerabend "Conquest of abundance" - a great book of one of my favourite philosophers :-) If you just wanted to know which games i'm playing and what i'm thinking about the games i played ... well just browse through my games and reviews and see it for yourself :-P

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RE: Alistair++

Game review - 1 agree

This game features a nice funny story. It was fun playing it though gaining "social reputation" by watching TV every evening feels a little weird :-P
Furthermore i REALLY hated the lunch breaks, as you are forced to read through the same dialog over and over again ... and i keep wondering if i will ever stumble upon a graphic novel featuring real characters instead of (... well at least) sympathetical stereotypes.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review


Game review

Ingame storytelling at its best - this is an absolute MUST HAVE!



Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Though other FLOSS FPS like Xonotic seem more polished and complete, this game is really fun.
Furthermore it is possible to run a vast of Q3A-Mods, which in my opinion makes OpenArena one of the best games to start with, if you are looking for a free arena shooter.


Ristorante Amore

Game review - 2 agree

In my opinion the story is too much of a (boring) soap opera (even the post prologue part of it). Though the game's name already suggests, it's all about love, it could have been less borrowing the cliche.

Furthermore there are too little real choices, so playing this game is all about reading and tapping your space key to get on reading, which becomes quite annoying over time. Due to this, replaying the prologue part by taking other choices, wasn't as much fun as hoped for, because you have to read a lot of already known text until at long last the story takes a very little twist.

On the whole this game wasn't quite enjoyable for me, but technically and in terms of artistical design it seems well done. So if you are fond of manga and light fiction, this is probably yours.


Speed Dreams

Game review

Well, as SOANOS already pointed out, it's a car sim and no fun racer, but racing without a steering wheel isn't only as much fun as with it - it is nearly impossible. As i played this game's ancestor "TORCS" quite some time ago and was facing the same problems concerning steering and unpredictable behaviour of cars after being hit by another driver years ago, i'm not that optimistic about future releases fixing these issues. But i will keep tracking this game, because if developers will address those glitches, speed-dreams will become a really great game

I have to revise my first review, because I finally figured out, that setting steer sensitivity between 4.0 and 5.0 and Deadzone to 0.0 keeps me on the track when using my keyboard. So SpeedDreams IS playable without a steering wheel.

Still having some preconfigured (human) Players for keyboard-/gamepad-/mouse-input or at least a better dokumentation pointing out how to configure your player settings correctly would have been a nice idea - i'm no big fan of watching others configure their games at youtube ...

Another nice feature would be online multiplayer races which seems to be already under developement for future releases and the ability to playback the last race - maybe even with some nice background music and changing camera perspectives :-D



Game review

Different behaviour of different surfaces would have been great and sometimes the ball is invisible/covered by higher plattforms, so you can't see, where you are aiming at. Nonetheless it's still a nice casual game, if you just want to relax for a few minutes.


World of Goo

Game review

absolutely amazing - a great game!!!


Smokin' Guns

Game review - 1 disagree

In Terms of gameplay this is a really nice game. The differences in weaponhandling are great. Also "Bank robbery" is a really nice gametype. Furthermore the music/soundtrack of this game is absolutely amazing - found myself whistle some of the tunes walking through the supermarket ;-)

But it still needs a lot of polishing - graphics in ioquake3 doesn't need to be that ugly (IMHO) nowadays, and the artificial "intelligence" of the bots isn't worth mentioning. As a result offline-matches are quite boring and don't even work as a proper training for online-multiplayer-matches against human players.

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