Hello, I am Nivea. I enjoy modding games, I currently mod for Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. You can find most of my mods on the Nexus site, check my homepage link.

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Hit or Miss

Niveas Blog

My last mod seems to be a hit or miss, suppose thats just how it will be editing vanilla items can rub people the wrong or right way. Inspiration for new models and textures come and go, sometimes it big inspiration other times its kinda murky in what I want.
I am not a master texture or model worker, most my stuff is pretty low quality so for that I do apologize.
I suppose I shall keep on pushing through them, all I can do is try my best lol.

Good news on eyes

Niveas Blog

Ah ha! The eye problem has been solved, this is good news because now I can give all the eyes better textures and more life like character. The textures are pretty small, so I think this will be a big improvement.

Next up NPC will be Citizen F1 and M2, tweeks to their models and larger less grainy textures will finish them out.

Hopefully them admins can fix this issue I am haveing with my addons not displaying in the right places....

*watches Robot chicken while she works*


Niveas Blog

I will not be uploading any more mods here till I get this addon thing sorted out, all my mods that have nothing to do with Antitribu suddenly all belong to Antitribu. Which I dont want.... they dont belong to that mod they are separate things.

I am annoyed.

Well I been working on some more reskins and one should be out today, though I am sad that I can not retexture the crappy eyes. T_T

Seems that its impossible to do so with good results...

I am also gonna be working with the Antitribu group that should be fun. ^^

Anyways requests and suggestions for skins are alway welcome, feel free to post in my comments or message me.

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