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Seriously, when I started this game in the suburban setting it starts in, I felt a nice "homely" feel to it. When i walked out of the apartment and into the corridor. I looked outside at the nice lighting all over. As i walked down the stairs it reminded me of my brothers apartment in the capital city of NZ (Wellington). And then I get to the bottom and HOLY DOG SHIT, theres a black headcrab, a dead guy and blood all over the walls.
Honestly 1187 is a mod to watch, and Vote for within the next 3 days. The game has an amazing story that really captures and ties the stories of HL and HL2 together from a completely new perspective.
Now I'm not going to put any spoilers in this blog, mainly because with 1187 you have to play it to believe it. It's great to see some of the older aliens from HL being put into the source engine such as hound-eyes and vortagaunt slaves (hard to spell), to killing normal soldiers again. The weapons are excellent. I had only one fault and that was with the bolt action rifle, The iron sight didn't line up, I didn't know if it was my shitty old PC or the game, but I don't mind, I got use to it.
For the next installment of 1187, I personally would love to drive a little more. But with the conclusion of the first Episode of 1187, I find that hard to see, Yet I don't mind.
1187 is a perfect mod in my books. With a great story, easy to understand characters and great voice acting, its really easy to feel the moment, and get into the suspense and tense firefights.
The few puzzles along the way really make your brain think, instead of turn...right click, hold left click.

Thank you team GT for all you have done to bring a great game to the screens of many.
I wish you luck with your next installment of the game, and I will be waiting....impatiently.




Catalyst440 Blog

Okay, so i just FINALLY tested out Orion today.
Since there are no Australian servers up as of yet i jumped on a server (the only populated one).
So i'm getting into it, looking at these very well designed maps, Very beautiful indeed, Now later on after a whole massive convo with Praz and other people on the server (YES THEE PRAZ Creator of the whole ordeal) I talked and made some american friends to play orion with.
This mod has Stunning visuals, Beta 3 as praz has said ALOT is going to be Freaking awesome and i personally cant wait, The visuals atm are good, yet beta 3 holds sooo much more.

Now I'm just going to go nagg my aus/nz mates about getting some frigin AUSSIE SERVERS!!

(P.S. 1st damn bloggy thing, thought i might aswell make one to show my discovers of rad/awesome and all around out of it mods)\


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