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I am starting a new mod though I won't post it on here for now I dont want a flood of comments, but it is an expasion for red alert 3 that is not canon, It is based on the idea that uprising happened but the war Red alert 3 resumed after a 10 year ceasefire after a new faction started the fire backup,

Red alert 3 A Ripple in Time


Allied Nations


Empire of the Rising Sun

Black Arrow- A major faction that is armed with exotic weapons and other tech from other nations, this group are expert military weapons designers and operators,who had there roots as a arm company back during the second red alert incident. Has three different tech trees depending on which AI they go into battle with. The hive's particle holding braces change color to fit what ever Ai has the wheel over the units. There symbol is the mighty eagle holding two black arrows the eagle is red, and that in turn is inside of a gear

Kingdom of Kurgius- Middle Eastern coalition that got stuck between a bloody civil war that nearly destroyed the middle east- there symbol is twin curve blades with a big k in the middle

ORCA- A mysterious group who are armed with exotic tech the rivials of black arrow, though there tech is from the red alert 2 era- there symbol is a sign with 4 stars and orca across the top it is pure red with black lettering and white stars

Collard/Nexus -a corporation united based military power armed with mechas and other oddball equipment- there symbol is a three arch circle with a helix in the middle

So i am taking applications for a team. Please send one in to help me make this mod possible.

--A IDSE production.

Units that are in for sure

All of the Allied Units RA3 adding a few from generals and generals zero hour

All of the Soviet Units RA3 except tesla tank as of now, (switching commando to red alert 1s volkov with the target designating weapon of boris and the multi kill property of natasha), adding the most famous rocket launcher of the soviets the katyusha.

All of the Empire Units/ except Yari, (until modded) and shogun super mecha, aslo the King Oni is replaced with the Greater King Oni with a few additional custom units like the Popopo Absorbing Drone

Black arrow's units that are in
Honorswind-Heavy Tank
Spec. Ravager- A specturm LAV
RazorBack Carrier- An infantry support apc
Wintersbane Exosuit- A cyro rifle carrying exosuit that can kill infantry with a blast of cold, or freeze tanks with its cyro grenades
Heavy Defender - Anti air unit armed with A specturm anti air turret, deploys into said AA turret
Corsair gunship- main gunship of Black Arrow
Ravager- Merc with a Expermental chrono back pack and a assault rife, can't travel into enemy bases.
Spartan sniping suit - Gyro jet carrying exosuit ment for sniping off infantry and masses of light armor
Cutlass Artillery- Failed french artillery design modded to be a seige bombarment weapon
urban tactical responce tank- nonlethal support unit
Scythe- failed british anti air weapon that has been modded from lasers to 2 rapid fire 88mm anti air guns
Elefant - Mobile Bunker system
Cyrus- The commando of the Black arrow forces, He is like master cheif off of halo, but with an annoying robot partner that is his monitor that is controlled by the ai's he only gets along with the emerald queen. he is armed with an expermental OCW laser/ rifle system he dont have to switch between the two, his secondary is unfold a special set of goss particle wings and take off into the air. He is immune to yurikos telepathic powers ddue to being too heavy for her to lift. He is aslo immune to the bullets of Volkovs rife due to the face that his armor makes him a walking tank. He is aslo so terrifying he get stunned and runs for cover.
Cyrus/Red Queen controlled--- the frist combo if the Ruby Queen ai is chosen
Cyrus/White Queen --- the second combo if the Snow Queen ai is chosen
Cyrus/Green Queen -- the third combo if the Emerald Queen ai is chosen
TACV- Tactical Automous Combat Platform- TACV is the actual name, a Spider Tank that can be armed with a different weapons load out.
Senteinent Tank- Anti Air infantry class mecha
M1-XL1 L.A.S.E.R. Tank- A laser tank not to different from the laser crusader, looks more like an arbams though
MBT-X70 Paladin Tank- a support tank with a laser designation and a 75mm gun
XB-111 Eclipse- a radar invisable CAS plane
Nightfire- Fighter
Longsword- Bomber regualer deployment
Rampart- anti sub/ anti air crusier
Sparrow- Fast moving gunboat
Shadow's Wakes- submarine
Reqium- Capital ship bombardment style
XB-0 Hresvelgr- experimental heavy bomber (only one can be made)
Darkness of enigma- code name for x-49 night raven fast attack bomber
ARETHA-Supplice- cyrus's pet ai mecha project, (only one can be made but if destoried it can be remade just like all the other epic units)
mighty eagle- Animal Mascot

ORCA Units

Isis Gravitic Tank
Sky Night Drone Carrier
Cossack Atillery Bike
MK5 hornet exosuits
Mark 6 gatling tank
Mk 5 lash tank
Blackjack Support Mecha
Berkut Fighter Mecha/Anti Air Mecha
Hope Field Artillery
Assault Halftrack

Char B2 "Black Widow"
Talon battle mecha
Greyhound Fast Attack Scout
AH-2Z Helios Gunship
Blue Bird- animal mascot

Kingdom of Kurgius

Janissary- anti tank trooper
Black Widow Panzer- one of the few tanks in this army, armed with a 88mm cannon and a radiation sprayer
Bulutsuz Gökyüzü cloudless sky- Missile artillery
Ghost Hunter- Female infantry unit armed with a high velocity assualt rifle and incidenary grenades,
Valkyrie Assault Mech- Female piloted assualt mecha armed with a pusle rifle
Celestial Airborne Aircraft Carrier- Its nuclear powered
Seraphim Flame Walker- Exo suit mounted with flamethrowers
Tersect Strike Plane- Anti ground attack plane
Battle Locomotive- severe modification to this one, it is not rails it is with tracks
PzJg. 74 Wolfhound Ausf. C- leftover german tank destroyers
Firebolt Fighter- main fighter of this army
Cataphract - a giant walking mecha counter to the apoc
kralın savaş yürüteç- king battle walker, not a op unit just a infantry booster
Red bird/ Big bro- scout animal


Lupus Assault Strike Trooper- basic infantry unit, armed with a rifle and grenades
Arachnae trooper - Anti air unit armed with a shoulder mounted stinger missile launcher
Pandora battlesuit- Female piolted support battlesuit
Lancer Support Unit- Medic
Ajax Logistic exoskeleton - Repair unit
Salacian Aquatic Heavy Armour- Protector of the water based expansion points
X1 Rapid Response Unit- Non lethal support unit
Morning Star Desecrater- Carrier for helios, and water based battle suits.
Magdalene Rozière- A infantry carrying copter like the helix from generals zero hour
M.A.S.I.R.A- A artillery platform that sends a signal to a satilite which hurls downs the nearest bit of space junk at that marked taget.

Eclipse Tank Destroyer- A tank destoryer
Zobel Infantry Fighting Vehicle- APC
Fx-24a- fighter
Morrowstar- A drone carrier

yellow bird- mascot/ scout unit

Structures that will be in

Allies: none that are changed, except I am adding some from the other games, The supply airdrop only modded, the research center from general's usa faction, And a repair pad,

Soviets- All of the normal ones, but added ones are the industrial plant, and sat uplink center,

Empire- All of the ones from RA3

ORCA: The Tower(temp name/command center) Koma generators (power plant), Resource Center (refinery), barricks (self explaintory), Armor pool (war factory), Black Box (unlocks higher tech), Air yard, (heiloport/ airport), The cove (docks),

Black Arrow: The Hive (Command center/Training center), Goss Particle generators (Power Plant), Resource Camp (refinery), Bunker (Barricks), Armor Yard/ Bunker (war factory), Intergrated defense techology market (unit upgrades), The Queens Relay station (unlocks higher tech units), the Areodome, (airport/ helipad), Docks (self explaintory), darken workshop (gives the black arrow mercs the most powerful weapons in the arsenal there are only three and there can only be one of the three on the battle field at once), the Fallen Angel (superweapon), The vengeful angel (ultimate weapon)

Kingdom of Kurgis- The crystal palace, (command center), the kışla (barracks), generators (power plant) resorce tower, (refinery), Arms Factory, (warfactory) The library of knowledge (upgrade factility), The eagles den, (airport/helipad), Docks,

Collard/Nexus- Line Ark Tower (command center), Mecha market (refinery), Training center Alpha (basic unit barricks), The Sphere (generator), Traxus construction center ( mecha production), Depot (other machine production faclity), The Aerodome (airport/ helioport), The Training center omega (advanced infantry and advanced unit production structure), The grand hall (construction facility for the largest of the collard/nexus machines the mobile armor fortresses only one of the mobile fortresses can be in the battlefield at once due to the amount of resources used there are three field types, air, land and sea, and each has three units in it, one is offensive one is defensive, the last is support.), Anatolia Towers, a strange looking double tower structure, it is the upgrade center for the most advanced weapoons of the collard nexus group, The megalith (a super weapon details unknown), The chandelier (ultimate weapon details unknown at this time)

Unique Infantry Units
These units only belong to the selected faction, You cant capture the enemy structures to get these units, They are faciton exclusive units.

Allied- Elite Airborne Brigade, These units are the best of the Allied paratroopers, they are deployed into the hottest zones in warfare and are deployed to do very dangerous operations,

Soviets- Spetznaz Black guard- Their back to defend the Motherland, the black guard units are painted with a special black paint and wear special black guard colors, these units can commendeer soviet machines making them have faster fire power and more health, but they are limited to what units they can commendeer so no apoc commendeering.

Empire of the Rising Sun- Imperial elite guard- No clue on what they will do or look like possibly female with high tech armor and a wicked sword as a secondary with a assault rifle as a primary

Black Arrow-
The Elites (Ruby queen special infantry): The elites are the best of the best they are armed with a custom assault rifle the vampira which is an all around infantry support weapon, based off the famous ADK-47 piston reload system, the power of the X-15 assualt rifle, the sleak profile of their own SCARA assualt rifle, the range of a M2 and the mag switch from a clip to a drum, this rifle is all they need for any ops it is their dmr rifle, their assualt rifle, and their best friend on the battle field, They are aslo known to do riot response ops. So they know how to handle a stormstopper riot protection slab and deal with the urban streets.

Spectras (Snow Queen Special infantry): The only all female group of Black arrow the spectras are the snipers of the group, they prefer the company of the snow queen ai they have been know to snipe the hat off a conscript at 2,500 yards they are armed with a classifed sniper rifle, all that is know about it is it is flash and sound suppressed, they are truely the angels of death. Natasha evens fears them from when she was a sniper during the second war against the allies, all of the conscript in her squad that she was in charge of dropped as if hit by god, they left her alive to tell the tale. Natasha was so shocked she has to be sent to a insitution for her madness. That left the soviets one option to restart the Volkov program all due to the Spectras.

Emerald queens special infantry: this has been declared classifed by the board of directors for black arrow sorry


netural units


What the fu--------! (boom) Were sorry this part of the blog was lost to a massive glitch please reload the browser (older red queen)

That is all that I have right now on this part of the mod

I might even take a few units from Shockwave, Paradox, and Mental Omega, if it is fine with the creators of these mods

Began work to day on the frist set of units dotn know when Ill have them done but hopefully soon. So I can get fans to this wonderful mod I know it will take years to make something good out of it, But it is keeping me sane.
- began work today on the battle locomotive design, seeing has how big of a bitch this will be to make considering the debate between land based tracks or railbased which means it can't be deployed with out rail lines being made.
- I do have images of what the spectra and the spartan sniper platform will look like but they are not mine they are just an inspiration so I cant post them on here.

- Got Cyrus voice script idea ironed out so it dont need changed much.

when construction is complete

-The perfect soilder ready for combat.... and my annoying helper. (ruby queen only)
-The prefect soilder ready for a fight.... and my some what annoying partner (snow queen)
- The sword and the shield ready for a fight- (emerald queen only)
- You need a weapon? (reg black arrow but rare)
- I am become death, taker of worlds (reg black arrow common)
When selected
-Command wants you (Cyrus), I know that spark (Cyrus), Dont call me spark (RQ)
-Brother your needed (SQ), Yeah, I guess (cyrus)
-Ready to go (Cyrus) , Right (EQ)
When ordered to move
-I go where I am needed
-Come on cyrus (any ai)
-Same shit different day
When ordered to attack infantry
manical laugh
they will be another black mark
They will fall just like the others
7.62 or 14.5 both with no impuritys
Your prophets where mistaken
When ordered to attack armor
Can you see the light?
When ordered to use secondary
I'm a firebird
Be careful there are two people in here (any ai)
These wings, the symbol of my own curiousity (cyrus), more like stupidity (red queen)
When attacking weak
Screw that (all of them)
That the best you got for me!
This is left handed at best
When ordered to attack another commando
) this is going to be easy.
(Yuriko) I normally dont hurt girls but your an exception
(Tanya) I have nothing against you just the science department of the goverment, but your in my way
(collards Commando) great another chick who happens to be a Cyborg just like Major.
(Kurgis commando) hmh a swords men. why do I feel like Dr. Jones right about now
When damaged
My My I do have some flaws
we told you to be careful (all ais)
I told you so (red queen)
I shall rise again like a firebird
when idle
hehe will they be my friend (red queen)
come out and play (snow queen)
(faint your gonna go far kid playing) change the music (cyrus), (faint its my life), better (cyrus)
you can't, you can't, stop a bullet, you cant stop a bullet (cyrus)
Everywhere i go people always know that i got a score to settle with those who turned me to this form" (Cyrus)

-found the intro music for the game screw the red alert 3 intro wont disclose the song I want to use

- Have the background story to Cyrus might post it.

-Planning a new faction that is a collection of new south american nations called Creedence Clearwater

-taking a break for a while on the mod to do some digging on a few videogame urban legands.

- well that break did give me a few new unit ideas

- decided to post cyrus's back story

His roots

Cyrus was not always a merc. He was once a researcher under the boot of a man who's father was an Old World War 2 nazi researcher. During the cold war where red alert 3 took place. Cyrus worked in a mysterious research group near his future home of stratuburg. Where he raised a family and had two lovely daughters Samantha and Maria, But something happened at his work and his hours got later and later he hardly had any days off one day there was a take your daughter to work day. Cyrus loved his youngest daughter so much she brought her to work to show her what he did and how it was suppose to be helpful to man.
A breach occured in the main lab. Which was when samantha and her teddy bear she carried around took cover in a supposably broken down teleporter, but it was a trap set forth by the cheif researcher Dr. Max Alvostien. He flipped a switch activating the teleporter, Cyrus was caught off guard by a failed prototype of a new Biological Organic Weaponized Creature, which slashed at cyrus twice once in the face leaving a three mark scar on his face, and once on his side but that one healed.
He confronted Dr. Alvo on the catwalk above a vat of element 115 in its liquid form that cyrus spend days working on to make stable. Cyrus pulled out his jet black clever and killed the fair doctor shoving his body into the liquid below.
He vowed from that day on he will get his revenge against the people who founded this terrible group and ordered the research, and he vowed to stop this research from reaching the light of day. He developed a formula for a immortality serum that will only be given to his family members after the war, but Due to a rare gene mutation (probably caused from cyrus's contact with element 115) Cyrus, Jasmine (his wife), Maria, and Samantha all share a psionic bound they can feel each others pain. Which means if one of them dies they all feel it the ones who survive they never felt the death of sam so she is still out their somewhere in another realm he vowes changed when he found out about this he vowed to protect the 115 research and to find a way to get his daughter back.

Where Eagles Fly

Most of Cyrus's records were classified when he finally founded Black Arrow, but the upper echlons (the guys under Cyrus) of Black Arrow. Know of how cyrus got his wings and the metal arm and leg he is crused with, but they are relucted to tell anyone about it. So some details are not talked about.
Cyrus was part of another group of mercs that used Armored Combat Fighting Systems or ACFS. They were the force behind a few coups and militizated interventions of conflicts. He got (What the higher ups say) in to an accident one day working on his GOSSX Particle Generator for his ACFS. which exploded causing his DNA to be fused with the GX-IN particles which gave him a pair of wings that are bullet proof and can power up his ACFS when he needs it. This made him the more then prefect warrior. Unknown to him when he was working for the research group his drinks were drugged with a mysterious serum that made him into a super-warrior.

5-0, Cherry Lights, and Heavy Metal

Cyrus still had contact with them when he joined a special operations and tactics group called sect 9 in japan he worked their under the command of a beutiful yet strong lady only know as... Major.
During a brutal 4 year crime war. The crew was tasked with stopping a bank robbery. Cyrus was the sniper of the group. He was on top of a sect nine spider tank when a shell from a exosuit demolished the tank and caused cyrus to loose his arm and leg. Where they were reattached, but the scaring was unfixable so they were covered with a special metal coating which is more or less a replacement, made out a classifed blend of metals and internal workings, Cyrus arm and leg of metal are tougher then the armor of any tank. His exosuit was made shortly afterward using the same blend of metal and internal workings.Which he has left two vents open to let loose his 10.5 ft wings.

Notable features with armor off

Though hardly anyone sees Cyrus with out some kind of coat, his most famous coat being red with platnium crosses on the shoulders, He often quotes he wears a simple navy blue shirt and black sweatpants under his red coat and vest,
He is rumored to have more then the scar on his face but this is not proven and Jasmine wont talk about it. These scars are most likely battle scars, but some say he has an ancient power and those are liminting bands.


A custom made suit based off a japanese style that was featured oddly enough in a videogame about a super soilder and his war against a group of aliens.
His armor is black and red staying with the theme of the company.

Medical Anomaliy
Doctors who have worked on Cyrus are stunned that he is even alive the years of work with 115 should have killed Cyrus, and the mutation with the GX-IN would have killed him to, but it has not.

They have aslo done the following things to cyrus

Pulled out over 762,000 pieces of shrapnel
Found him with out a scratch after falling 37,00ft when his upper atmospheric fighter blew apart, adding a new meaning to coming in hot.
Found him prefectly alive after going through a firestorm. with only a few embers burning on his arm and leg.
This is just some of the long list of medical mircles that makes people wonder if cyrus is actually an alien in disgiuse.

Noteworthy achievements

Took down several drug dealers- single handed
Took down several street gangs- single handed
Destoryed a stolen russian nuclear sub that was threating the city of nagaskai.
Took down several terrorist cells.
Took down the largest crime family in new york like an American Badass would.
and not to metion saving several presidents, several presidental daughters, taking down several countries and replacing the goverments, and starting a company, except at the cost of several billions in cash.

If he gets promoted in the field he gains more health armor and on the last one a new devasting weapon i wont reveal it but it is powerful and scary a wicked looking weapon a mixture of a high caliber sniper rife and a artpiece of death

this is a beta edition of cyrus's back story/

- I got Cyrus's image inspiration off of mulitpule charaters try and get the epixys for them form the dialouge and backstory. I know i wont reveal them

- still have no help on this mod. I need the help on it.

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Hey.. Can you PM Me your E-mail?

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Nice new Banner!! Don't you dare to replace it with allied logo!! Just use Soviets OK? (Cause I'm always use Soviets in Red Alert 3

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nightfiraous Creator

Yeah i like the soviets too they are all about brute force and powerful tanks but i aslo like the allied

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hey, maybe your banner is VVS (Soviet&Russian Air Force)?

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nightfiraous Creator

VVS is the Russian Airborne brigade not the airforce.

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nightfiraous Creator

i actully have a VVS uniform and i can find a VVS Banner in fact i will switch my banner right now

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Sorry I'm not response. I'll leave a message. Beep. Beep. Beep. Nice Name for a mod. Sooo, you just start making the Ripple in Time mod this year or since 2011 (always wonder)

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nightfiraous Creator

just started it though i had the idea for sometime now

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Hey, what is the name of your mod anyways? Your description is perfect

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nightfiraous Creator

A ripple in time

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