Proud owner of a pretty nice gaming PC that I built myself with water cooling. I usually preffer Linux, a bit easier to game on now that Steamplay has DXVK.I mostly game on my PS3, PS Vita and PS4 so if you have PSN I can be found there too, PSN+ is so sweet. Better let me know who you are if you want me to add you on there.The WiiU and Switch gets some use as well.Games I like to play are RPGs both traditional and Japanese (FF VII was my introduction to the genre), Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (I have Borderlands 2 on Steam - I am waiting to see if the content on the Season pass will fix B:TPS before I buy it again on Steam) I play a lot on PSN, platformers, retro game systems especially Sega ones (I must have them all!), Puzzles, StarCraft, Diablo II - LOD, Tempest on Arcade -analogue control wheel is the geek sex, arcade style racers, wierd indie titles, adventure games, guitar hero and FPS. My backlog is huge, one day I will live stream or make a youtube channel with all the games that I have.You won't catch me playing COD or owning an apple device besides my mac.I also like Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, Steam and Clock Punk, make up, fashion, music that is rarely played on the radio, audio production, FOSS, organic food, cooking, eating, dancing and reading. A love for guitars, synths, drum maschines and lots of fog.

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