Student run indie gaming studio based in New York City.

Unchained, my first game, is nearing the final stages of development and will be out on the Steam store soon. In the meantime, I will be posting gameplay, art, and cool features.

Currently, college takes a lot of my time up, and I expect a slight hiatus after releasing Unchained, but I will always have something going on in the background!

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Unchained trailer out now!

Coming March 13, 2020! The world has fallen to the control of Vitron and Connectors, Vitron's product that is slowly mentally enslaving humanity. Play as Jake and fight against Vitron's influence in the world by seeking out the CEO and destroying their operations one by one. You're in the fight to make the world... Unchained.

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Instagram: newtownstudioofficial
Twitter: newtown_studios

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Unchained trailer out now! Coming 03.13.2020 #indiegames #gamedevelopment #gameart #indie

Jan 14 2020

I've been thinking about this game and it's trailer since my first year of college. today, I started recording the…

Jan 13 2020

When pay to win and loot-crates get you down, talented unreal/unity #gamedevs gotchu

Jan 11 2020

Updated cover system and enemy behaviors. Trailer coming within the next couple of days, which will most likely inc…

Jan 9 2020

This specific enemy will hunt you down even when you're behind cover! :) #indiegames #gaming #gameart

Dec 29 2019

Last mission preview. Thinking about releasing this within the next month or two. This game is burning a hole in my…

Dec 20 2019

Spray painting side mission preview. What's rebellion without a little creativity? #indiegames

Dec 10 2019

I heard you like games so here's a terminal in the in-game computer in Unchained so you can hack while you compute…

Dec 3 2019

Mission 13 snippet, featuring the first factory you're trying to blow up. Because what's rebellion without a little…

Nov 26 2019

Unchained "Evil Corporation" promo video now on YouTube! #gamedev

Nov 20 2019