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The game is almost finished

Neverbe Blog

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow but the game is almost finished.
Only five or six picture left...
When all the work will be done you'll be able to see the promotional video (full hand drawn!) then we'll register to the iPhone Developer Program (yes we aren't a registered developer yet XD but, you know, I prefere to give my 99$ to apple as late as possible :D) then the game will enter into beta testing (less than a couple of days) and finally will release it!!!

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Extra available for chapter 1 + progress

Neverbe Blog

As you had read in the title in the first chapter you'll be able to find a surprise.
An extra content.
Progress, yes. There are only 1,5 path then we'll reach the end and the promotional video will be available on Internet.
We're sorry but the development is slow down in these day because of some personal problem.
We're trying to continue with the game despite of my problem.
Thanks to all

Wow only 3 path!

Neverbe Blog

The game is almost finished.
We have to draw the last 3 path and adding some sound effects.
After that the game will stay in beta testing fo less than a week and then we will send it to Apple.
The game will have only italian language but in a week, or two, you'll have the english version.
The two version will have the same price 0,79€/0,99$.
We'll try to keep the same price for all the chapter but if one or two chapter will be so, so, so longer the maximum price will be 1,59€/1,99$.

PS: we have also a big surprise for the first people who will buy the first chapter of Dispersio.

The storyboard of the second chapter of Dispersio is almost finished!

Neverbe Blog

Only some path and I'll finally finish the storyboard. This chapter will be more more more more exciting that the first.
The first chapter will be a introduction to the Dispersio's events.
In the second chapter we'll understand a lot of "?" that will born in the first chapter.
Waiting for news!
If you want to now something about Dispersio please visit:

Thank you!

PS: We're working on the IndieDB page for Dispersio but in the same time we're working on the Promotional Video and on the game. Please be patient and you'll have your IndieDB page.

Game 65% finished

Neverbe Blog

Yes. Our game is "almost" finished. We're drawing the last scene and looking for some sound effects.
Wi'll add a game profile here soon as possible but due to the development time, we haven't got so much time for all we want to do but, believe us, DIspersio will be loved from everyone who love Visual Novel.

Working on the Promotional Video

Neverbe Blog

We are officially working on Dispersio's* promotional video.
It will be a 720p video with some gameplay and it will be full draw without CG effect.
It will be available on YouTube and Vimeo soon as possibile.
We had write the storyboard five days ago.

* It's a Visual Novel. A description with some screenshots and other info will be soon available on IndieDB. We are working on the profile header and the boxshot.

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