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Europe at War

Mod review

A very good mod, I love how the Dev added in a time line of sorts with Maps. The map you play on determines what units you deploy, what abilities you use and what your factions Tech Tree has.

The mod does need some work though, the spelling and grammar for starters is not very good. The damage level, while more realistic than Blitzkrieg for Anti-Tank weapons, is not so much for Anti-Infantry weapons. Veteran units are overpowered and the game does crash from time to time for me.

There are many other small things and bugs about the mod that need fixing. But if these are all fixed it definitely deserves a 10/10. The fact its on Steam now makes the download process much easier.

This is definitely a mod worth playing


D-Day June 1944 & Afrika 43 for Blitzkrieg Mod

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Very well made add-on for Blitzkrieg Mod, contains all the visual details which IMO were missing in Blitzkrieg Mod such as the Flags and the Unit Skins.

Whats more, you can play Blitzkrieg Mod Online with this add-on even if others don't have it.

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