Hello everyone! My name is Curtis, but my nickname that I kept since I was 8 is "Mac". I am a big fan of sci-fi and anything to do with technology and space. When time permits, I love playing games... If I had to choose which style of gaming is my favorite, I couldn't say. I would put RTS, 1st-person, and RPG as the top 3, but I suppose that covers a good percentage of all the games! What I also really like to do on my spare time is create maps for pc games, mainly for the C&C series but sometimes for the AoE series - I can thank RA95 for this map-building addiction! I don't have any experience with modding, though. Lately (as in the last few years, off & on, when I have time) my time for playing has been devoted to building maps for C&C3;. Why this game? Because this game has a such an awesome mod that I have great respect for and thoroughly enjoy... It's called: Tiberium Essence.

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I would like to say just how much of a fan I am of this mod, Tiberium Essence, created by Carnius. I remember being first introduced to it a couple years ago when it was version 1.4 (regrettably not sooner) – I was blown away by the expertise. Since then, I had been continually visiting moddb.com to find any updates and would get excited whenever new pictures were uploaded. Just like any other fan, I do have suggestions/ideas on some things, but overall, Carnius' direction is well-thought out and vastly superior to the original. I truly appreciate his willingness, dedication, and diligence for creating this fun and professionally made mod. What makes his work stand out is the attention to detail in all aspects, especially the meticulous and believable models (just as though they could actually exist), and the homage to Tiberian Sun while making it his own by showing advancement in the universe, hence Tiberium Essence. Furthermore, what's also admirable is Carnius has essentially created this mod all by himself who, is not boastful, but is humble and listens to his fans while keeping to his vision.

Thank you again Carnius for your devotion and hard work, up to now and to come, on this exceptional mod, Tiberium Essence.

Your fan of Tiberium Essence and the Command & Conquer Universe,

- Mac

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