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What follows is the first draft of the changelog for all changes and additions between Occult BETA 4 and Underlord 1.1. This is incomplete, but I thought I'd put it up for those dedicated players who actually read the changelog. Please note that Underlord is built on top of the latest patch version 1.17a. Yerky says he may make a 1.1 and a 1.17a version of the installer, so those of you going from 1.1 to Underlord 1.1, please read the 1.17a changelog as well.

Changelog for Underlord 1.1

//Section: General Bugfixes

Battle Standard can no longer be mind controlled or have buffs dispelled.
Pulverize animation fixed.
Shield charge animation fixed.
Coredwellor AI controllers fixed.
Trap AI fixed to no longer get stuck on hidden monsters.
Rancor vitality damage fixed across difficulties.
Porphyrion's MI gear droprate has been reduced.
Lamia basic helms now drop in game.
MI Lamia helms now use appropriate affix tables.
Huo Qubong no longer drops in act 4.
Entwined Mark of Calchas now drops in game.
Boarman's MI armbands now show up green instead of white.


//Section: Misc

Dev tools removed from game.
Visual clippers on bonestaves and hex staves fixed.
Crystal ante-chamber to Hades' Throne Room expanded.
Proxy spawns rearranged for performance reasons when running xmax versions of the game.
3 New areas added to the game.
Many new monsters added to the game.


//Section: Items

New monster infrequent items added.
New easter egg items added.
New ultra-rare items added.
New Item Type: Mythic items added.
Can only be acquired through mythic recipe.
Recipe has very low chance to drop from normal recipe sources starting in Epic Difficulty.
Recipe requires other items as ingredients.
Each recipe will require one monster infrequent of a very high quality (determined by rarity and plurality of affixes).
New Item Type: Vitality Staves added.
Can be purchased from new Occult Vendors or found from these monsters:
Abyssal Liche
Wraith Heroes
Ichthian Bonecasters
Undead Tyrant Brother Mage
Gilded Spirit Magi and Acolyte
Gilded Warlock
Empusa Soul Carver
Keres Witches
Melinoe Blood Witch
Night Stalker Casters
Lost Soul Casters
All set bonuses have been rebalanced and improved.
Incomplete equipment sets completed.
New sets added to the game.
Porphyrion's MI gear droprate has been reduced.
Large number of unique staffs changed to vitality base, or vitality mix damage types. New projectile effects and sounds created.
Large number of unique items changed to accord to new masteries.
A few unique items were promoted to Mythic, and thus removed from the game.
Almost all relics and charms have been rebalanced, most improved.
30 new rare affixes added.


//Section: Game Changes

Game difficulty has been scaled up proportionally.
Monster spawning has been further increased.
Boss Monsters now have an aura which removes dodge and deflect immunities.
Potion cooldowns increased from 11 to 16 seconds.
100% Recharge now nearly impossible to achieve.
Game camera can now zoom in 4 units closer.
Min speed values for both players and monsters lowered by 20 and 10 respectively.
Physical Damage now displays as "physical damage" in game instead of just "damage."
Piercing now displays as "Weapon Piercing (Multiplicative)"
Sleep Damage now displays as "Sleep Duration"
Stun Damage now displays as "Stun Duration"
Disruption Resistance now displays as "Reduced Disruption Duration"
Effects that reduce offensive and defensive ability by a percentage no longer display as absolute.
New Retaliation types added to the game:
Reduced Damage Retaliation
Reduction to Enemy Health Retaliation
Reduced Defense Ability Retaliation
Reduced Offensive Ability Retaliation
Resistence to health reduction effects will now display as "Health Reduction Resistance."
3 New Races added to the game:
Revisions to mastery class names.


//Section: Monsters

Arachne's Shame
AI Controller improved to prevent doorway leashing.
Now has dramatic death effect and sound.
Now flanked by Gigantes Guards that must be killed before Hades form 1 can be killed.
Tigermen Battle Standard has unique skin.
Centar Battle Standard has unique skin.
Ascophogus have new darker skins to better distinguish them from Force of Nature.
Gigantes are no longer "Magical" creatures and are instead race: Gigantes.
Bone Scourge and Bone Fiend are no longer "Demons" and are instead race: Undead.
Crow Heroes enabled to protect liars everywhere.
Skills added/changed for these monsters:
Abyssal Liche
Plague - Acid Rain instead of PGB
Frost - Flash Freeze
Flame - Rain of Fire
Quilvine Barb - chance to sleep.
Centar - Shield Charge
Anteok - Sleep Wave
Melinoe Blood Witch - Summons Blood Demons
Empusa - Sleep
Hero Empusas - New and Restored skills (muy deadly, caution)


//Section: Masteries

//--SubSection: OCCULT

Agility has new icon.
Aggro-pull reduced at lower levels.
Level 20 fidgeting fixed.
Petrify changed to 1 second on death boom.
Death now always triggers chain reaction on other Irregularities in range.
No longer leaves behind invisible bodies that show upon returning to an area.
Calculated Strike cost reduced.
Blade Fury cost reduced.
Breach cooldown reduced and energy cost reduction added.
Toxin Distillation buffed.
Envenom Weapon cost increased.
Aphotic Ichor fragments now explode before poison gas pellets.
Shadow Link
Radius changed to 3 meters.
Now has weapon enchantment visual effects.
Shadow Lore no longer creates a new light-source for the eye effect (performance problem)
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Sprites boomskill fixed.
Sprites no longer drop demon's blood.
Shadow Plague contagion factors reduced.
Default attack projectile visual effect reduced in size.


//--SubSection: SPIRIT

Skeletal Soldiers
Footspeed and durability improved.
New Skill: passive shield attack.
Aggression lowered when set to normal.
Defensive mode reworked to provide better guarding.
Relentless Evil now has a scaling visual effect.
Dark Covenant and Unearthly Power health cost rescaled and lowered.
Spirit Lure
Aggro-pull fixed.
Health, lifeleech, and duration rescaled and improved.
Animation stutter fixed.
Bone Fiend
Scale reduced.
Ground pound visual effect improved.
Body now disappears after death.
Durability rescaled lower at low, higher at high.
Liche King
Default attack rework: now uses staff and all weapon modifiers.
Resistance reduction on Soul Blight reduced.
Soul Blight projectile speed increased.
Soul Blight impact effect improved.
Death Nova improved.
Bone Spire improved.


//--SubSection: DREAM

Psionic Artery rework - improved leeching, adding health reduction.
Dream Surge damage improved.
Psionic Immolation damage improved.
Temporal Flux rescaled, final values 16, 18, 20.
Death animation fixed.
Damage increased.
Trance of Convolescence and Empathy links fixed.
Troubled Dreams
Mana cost fixed.
Vit decay increased.
Resistance reduction duration increased.

//--SubSection: WARFARE

Warwind cost reduced.
War Dance
Damage increased.
Animation fixed and speed increased.
Finesse energy cost reduction added.
Battlerage reworked and buffed.
Ancestral Warriors damage absorption scaled.
Battle Standard can no longer be mind controlled or have buffs dispelled.
Triumph stun resist reduction scaled.
War Horn base increased at higher levels.
Lacerate bleed damage improved.


//--SubSection: DEFENSE

Battle Awareness tree now progressive.
Pulverize animation fixed (screen shake now triggers on impact, not start of animation).
Shield Charge animation fixed (screen shake now triggers on impact, not start of animation).
Collosal Form
Scale reduced.
All values improved by a flat 50.
Adreneline skill tree now progressive.
Hack flat damage removed.
Shield Training now caps at 12 instead of 8.
Iron Will remade - resistences added.
Rally skill tree now progressive.
Heave and Cleave have new sounds.


//--SubSection: NATURE

Thorn Sprites
Cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
New sound effects.
Projectile can now be fired properly when facing downhill.
Body effect no longer creates new light source (performance problem)
Sanctuary link fixed.
Stinging Nettle remake - percentage life retaliation and defense ability reduction.
Plague offscreen crash fixed.
AI controllers fixed.
New skill: Nature's Grace - temp regen buff for allies.
Force of Nature
Movement animation now in sync with distance traveled.
Roots now has a visual break effect.
Now has spawn and death sounds.


//--SubSection: HUNTING

Spear Tempest and synergy remade and buffed.
Call of the Hunt link fixed.
Cornered Rage remake -
Duration rescaled.
Stats improved.
Cooldown reduced to 3 minutes.
Eviserate percentage reduction scaling fixed.
Herbalism energy reserve removed.
Hunting Traps are pet-classed creatures. (note missing from beta 1 changelog)
Marksmanship skill tree rebalanced to accomodate double-application bug.
Scattershot damage reduced.


//--SubSection: STORM

Lightning Bolt
Damage improved.
Added small chance to do extreme damage.
Changed stun to paralyze.
Chain Lightning
Damage improved.
Added small chance to do extreme damage.
Chain chance increased to 100%.
Changed stun to paralyze.
Ice Shard tree costs rescaled.
Energy shield chance to activate lowered.
Storm Nimbus skill tree now progressive.
Arctic Shell skill tree now progressive.
Flash Freeze visual effects and sounds reworked.
Squal skill tree now progressive.
Heart of Frost slow lowered.
Thunderball projectile fixed.
Static Nova improved damage and stun.


//--SubSection: EARTH

Ring of Fire skill tree damage increased.
Rupture remake - now an attack skill like Ternion.
Volatility now works.
Heat Accretion has round icon to indicate synergy status.
Spontaneous Combustion visual effect improved.
Earth Enchantment cost increased.
Core Dwellor remake -
AI controllers fixed and tweaked.
Added slow resistance.
Fire damage on attack.
Durability improved.
Removed skill: Wild Fire.
New skill: Flaming Boulder (ranged attack, splash damage, mini-stun)
New skill: Fissure (ranged line-attack, damage and stun)
Metamorphisis improved.
Inner Fire improved.
Lava now reduces armor.
Molten Form improved.
Meteor high-levels damage increased.



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