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So I'm happy to announce that we have added a few people to our team to help us with creating new models, textures, and animations. We moving forward in hyperdrive and I personally hope to have something to show you in the next few weeks.

So lets re-cap.

New units, props, animations, sounds, voices, maps, factions, GC modes, and some new in-game content that I excited to show, once we worked out all the bugs.

So to give you something to tide you over. Heres some info.

Playable factions have been increased due to our abundance of units. They are:

The Old Republic
Sith Empire
Mandalorian Empire
Galactic Republic
Separatists (CIS)
Rebel Alliance
Galactic Empire
Zan Consortium
New Republic
Imperial Remnant
Galactic Alliance
Fel Empire

The Old Republic & the Sith Empire's tech levels will take you through KoToR till the new MMO

The Mandalorian Empire's tech levels will take you through the Mandalorian War to the New Mandalorian Empire.

The Galactic Republic (Clones) & the CIS tech levels will take you through the Clone Wars.

The 3 vinilla factions Rebel, Empire, & Underworld will just include expanded universe add-ons. Which will include from Dark Times, Galactic Civil War, Shadows of the Empire, and Rogue Squadron.

The New Republic tech levels will take you through the Rise of the New Republic to the Crimson Empire.

Imperial Remnant tech levels will include Imperial Remnant as well as the the begining of the Empire of the Hand. I didn't want to infringe upon Thrawns Revenge.

And the Galactic Alliance & Fel Empire is just the Legacy Era. We not adding the Vong War or any Vong units because I again don't want to infringe upon the Vong War based mod that is currently being developed.

On a side note, our Clones and CIS factions will not contain everything from that era. Some of the thing you can find in the RaW mod will not be included in our mod, again as to not infringe upon z3r0x's mod. However, we are working together with Geroenimo who is working on a Old Republic Mod set during the KoToR era, so you will see a few things in both mods.

So yeah!!! I'm excited...

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