Hi! Thanks for visiting! I am working on on a new project - a UT3 mod/mutator for the PS3 called ESACPE::PROTOCOL_ This project is important to me as I pursue my goals of one day having a career as a software engineer as a Gameplay Engineer and one day a Weapon Designer. And I want to prove it by making this gameplay mod. Currently, I'm working at Electronic Arts and have worked at other game companies like Sony, (so for all my EA and Sony friends or associates, drop me a line :) ).

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Hey fellow modders!

1)What's new?

Man have I missed out on a lot. I have 500 topic updates from projects and technologies I am following! Wow! :( No one to blame but myself. Stupid responsibilities and goals! lol. NO seriously, I was gone for a while because I was taking some university classes. They were good too - I took one in Object Oriented Programming 1 (Java) and Principles of Network Security. Both were extremely rewarding, but I was definitely swamped with studying, plus gong to work.

And being away from this project this long made me think. I think for everyone in life their is a point where you have to decide how you want to carry out your life: do you want to pursue the things that make you happy or do you want to be just be safe guarded with a skill or opportunity that you can have a job or career with?...It was a choice that was affecting me everyday. Between my job, school and this project, it seemed like the battle lines were being drawn. Well friends it wasn't until recently, like Wednesday my birthday (where's my present?), that I finally made the choice for certain - I was gong to pursue what made me happy! Why? Because I was already, and still are doing the things that safeguard my job/career/responsibilities and it is a day in - day out routine. I am good at what I do, but my heart is not really into it. But making and playing games, especially 1st person shooters - my heart is really into that! For example, just looking at this site: Have you guys seen the FPS Terminator mod? (https://www.moddb.com/games/fps-terminator ) or the Tactical Assault Moddb.com )? My hat is off to these teams - these guys have taken the UE3 and done some amazing stuff! It is really inspiring to me and it is among a small group of people that I would like to be a part of of hobbyist and/or engineers taking programing and game development to a high compliment...and I would like to leave my mark as well.

2)What's with the Project?
So with that being said, I want to finish this mod and in order for me to do that is going to require my undivided attention and completion of tasks and milestones to accomplish this end goal. my enthusiasm is of course there, but I will have much to learn and implement so I have created a timeline for myself to stay true. Its sort of based of the Agile Scrum planning:

3)What's next?
So I have just finished User story 1: Kismet. I viewed all the tutorials, and summarized the notes and executed all of the tutorials and have demoed them in my sandbox level (see attached footage). Kismet is absolutely wonderful and intriguing! Please if you know where I can find more Kismet tutorials on line, please let me know. :) My only concern with Kismet is that their are so many sequence objects how do you determine the appropriate arguments to use with the applicable sequence objects? I wonder if their is Kismet API or something out there. Well anyway check out the footage.

And that's pretty much it for now. I'm glad their are no more mysteries in my progress. I will most likely complete the Level Construction Users story and then Matinee. And again, I invite any information about additional tutorials and I do accept constructive feed back, so feel free to reply.

I'll check back in shortly...promise. :)


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