I love video games. I love them so much that I've dedicated my life to finding ways to use this wonderful medium to inspire others, get across clear messages, and provide fun experiences to all age ranges. I'm a freelance game designer mostly active in my own projects. Though I'm a designer, I have a huge amount of experience in animation, music, and sociology, with rudimentary knowledge in various coding languages. My general duties in projects are to design, illustrate, provide basic code work, organize, animate, create gameplay builds, and research credible concepts, from the very beginning of game development to the very end. My only goal is to make games that'll put a smile on someones face and maybe even give them a new way at looking at life, as precious as it is. This, along with my love for gaming, is what I live for. =D

Report RSS 03.16.10 - Bell Bottoms

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...I use them in my character design for VHEL...a lot. =|

Sure, I have a scientific reason as to why, and the importance to encompassing practicality and aesthetics with visibility and gameplay purposes, but let's not kid ourselves; I just like them on girls, in general. The minute I slapped on bell bottoms onto Iberian and considered it a "good" design choice, I set myself up for name calling and stereotyping -- preferably the kind where people call me "hippy-lover" or "Mr. Jaded", out of lack of originality, to further imply that my manner of thinking is as obtuse as Pluto being called "a planet".

Still, I like them...a lot. =|

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