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- James Patterson -

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Lieutenant James Steven "Jimmy" Patterson (November 11, 1919) is a soldier who fought during World War II. He contributed a great service to the cause and won various medals and awards for his missions.


Patterson depicted in "Medal of Honor: Underground


Nickname(s) - Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy

Appears in - Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: Underground

Medal of Honor: Frontline

Medal of Honor: Heroes


Rank - Lieutenant

Jimmy Patterson

Affiliations - Office of Strategic Services
United States Armed Forces

Family - Manon Batiste (possible wife)
Jim Patterson (grandson)
Chloe Patterson (grand-daughter)

Nationality - American (Carthage, Missouri)

Status - Alive

Birth - November 11, 1919

Sex - Male

Height - 6'1"

Weight - 170 lbs

Hair - Brown

Eyes - Gree

Weapon - Various



Early life

Patterson was born on November 11, 1919, Armistice Day, the first anniversary of the ending of World War I in Carthage, Missouri.


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As a young adult, he was very academically smart and athletic, often partaking in sports. Long before the war, he joined a country club in Missouri, where he met Barnes, a young man who would later become a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. James' days at the country club reflected on his later life, preparing him for the rigorous physical tests of that of a soldier.


Jimmy attended the University of Michigan at Angliongto Creek as student TE 64-46. His adviser was Dr. McDevitt and Dean was Hirschmann. Note the C- in German. One would notice his excellence in all of his other courses, and question the poor grade he received in German. Patterson claimed he let his bullets do all the talking at that point.


He attended West Point after graduation instead of the expected Harvard, in which his family members were utterly shocked upon. He graduated third of his class and volunteered for the United States Army Air Corps.


- Military -

In 1942, after graduation from West Point, twenty two year old Jimmy was accepted into Officer Candidate School, this is the summary of his May 30, 1942 OCS evaluation


DOB - 11 November 1919 Carthage, MO

Height - 6'1"

Weight - 170

Hair - Brown

Eyes - Green

Rank - Cadet

Field Ratings:

- Weapon - = - Score -

M1 Garand - 95%

Mark II Frag Grenades - 91%

Browning Automatic Rifle - 94%

Combat Shotgun - 97%

1903 Springfield Scoped Rifle - 99%


Special Qualifications:

  • Demolitions (Type I & II)

  • All-Weather Combat

  • Basic Conversational German

  • Signal Corps Certificate (Morse Code)

  • R-1830 Engine Repai


He was recommended for whatever assignment he wanted; however, he chose to stay with the United States Army Air Corps.

First Encounter with the OSS


Patterson with the Northrop Alpha used to rescue Manon.

James Patterson's first encounter with the Office of Strategic Services occurred on November 5, 1942, as he was randomly chosen from a select few of officers from the Air Transport Command stationed in Duxford, England.


Assignment to the 101st Airborne

1096266 medal of honor front jpg 1

Original Patterson Design

As a mechanic and pilot for the 101st "Screaming Eagles", as he specialized in the repair of R-1830 engines, the same engine used in the C-47 Skytrain Transport Plane. James soon became a well respected comrade by the men of 4th Platoon. He was widely considered the best .45 shot on the base.


He then goes on a long deserved vacation, but Colonel Hargrove tells him that he'll be calling on him again shortly...

Patterson Heroes

Patterson in Medal of Honor: Heroes.



Patterson's ID card.


Later life

At the end of the war, Jimmy proposed to Manon Batiste after a long relationship, but whether she accepted the proposal or not was not specified. James eventually did have at least one child though, who had a child of their own, the grandson to James, Jim Patterson, a soldier currently fighting in Afghanistan against Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces. It was revealed that Jimmy joined the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War, after the Office of Strategic Services had dissolved.



file 1

A photo of James attached to his service records.

Army Commendation Medal

  • Awarded for: Heroism, valor or meritorious service while serving in the Army after December 6, 1941.

Soldier's Medal

  • Awarded for: Heroism involving the voluntary risk of life under conditions not involving conflict.

Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross

  • Awarded for: Service in the liberation of The Netherlands from Nazi occupation.

Legion of Merit

  • Awarded for: Exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements by key individuals.

Distinguished Flying Cross

  • Awarded for: Heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight in any capacity in the Armed Forces.

Army Distinguished Service Medal

  • Awarded for: Exceptional meritorious service to the Army in a duty of great responsibility in which performance is clearly exceptional.

Bronze Star

  • Awarded for: A single act or meritorious service accomplished with distinction while in the military service of the United States.

Silver Star

  • Awarded for: Gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force.

Distinguished Service Cross

  • Awarded for: Any act of heroism that is so extraordinary as to set the individual apart from his comrades.

American Campaign Medal

Norwegian War Cross

  • Awarded for: Extraordinary actions or leadership during combat.

World War II Victory Medal

Congressional Medal of Honor

  • Awarded for: Conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty, in action involving conflict against an enemy of the United States of America.



  • Jimmy reappears as a player skin in

    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. There are two versions, one without a helmet and one with.

  • A helmet.

    character of the same name was confirmed to be in Medal of Honor (2010), when the "Leave a Message" trailer was released. Later, it was confirmed that the new Jimmy Patterson was, in fact, the grandson of James Steven Patterson.

  • Jimmy is ambidextrous, as noted in some paintings.

  • Jimmy is the only character to be featured in more than three games in the Medal of Honor franchise.

  • Jimmy smokes a cigar, which can be confirmed by looking on the main menu screen of Medal of Honor: Frontline

  • Jimmy is seven years younger than his girlfriend Manon.

  • Jimmy's university

    tutors are surnames of

    the Medal of Honor team members include the animator Sunil Thankamushy and the engineer Ayo Orimoloye.

  • Jimmy bears some similarities with

    Michael Powell. Both of them were Army Rangers and OSS agents, and they also participated in the raid on Omaha Beach, Fort Schmerzen and went undercover during some of their missions.

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