Gaming has evolved greatly over the years, with new technological improvisations added every now and then to make them even more realistic and entertaining than ever before. Investing in developing games is something many companies are now taking an active interest in, due to the immense market exposure and financial benefit that it can provide. So if you are looking to have the best game development outsourcing services for your company, then you need to get in touch with a reputable game studio.

Morpheous Game Development Studio is one of the most reliable names in the world of cross platform development. Whether it is for mobile, PC, MAC or Consoles, you can rely on Morpheous for offering you top notch services that make use of the highest level of technical expertise.

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Morpheous is about to enthuse you with great game play of epic proportions with it's upcoming Guardian Light Of the World - The Commandments, Hack 'n' Slash Mobile action RPG. You will have no qualms battling with the sin minions in order to upkeep the Ten Commandments pronounced by God himself. Yes, you are the Guardian who is going to stake everything for the sake of upholding God’s Laws. The characters may be medieval and make believe but the action certainly feels real enough. Imagine the blood rushing to your veins when you suddenly face Boss and his sinful army that can outnumber you within seconds. Will you be able to tackle them head on? Or should you retreat in face of danger? It is up to you to show your true face and join forces with the good that is bound to triumph in the end for such is God’s way.

Guardian about to break enemy formation!

The vivid graphics in this multi-platform, single player game looks real enough to captivate you. You are sure to be all attention thinking of ways to dodge the enemies or slash them to bits. Don’t worry! The Gods are helpful souls here but nothing is for free and you cannot expect swords and magic armors to appear, if you don’t lift a finger to help yourself. So, get set to win each round convincingly and unlock the treasures that you as the Guardian will need to slash and smash all evil for good in this intense mobile action rpg.

Guardian Ready to fight Boss Monster in GLOW

Win points convincingly and banish the sins to the end of the earth. It is not enough to go into the confessional to blurt out your sins now, you have to contend with them as they wrestle to break every one of the Ten Commandments announced by God atop Mount Sinai.

Fight with enemy minions in mobile action rpg

Never mind, if you are not a true follower either. Being on the winning side is all that matters, so go and whip out your mobile phone or iPad and get playing. GLOW is compatible with Android too. Play for God and win the Biblical game that is sure to make the earth a better place to live.

Hack 'n' Slash in guardian light of the world mobile action rpg

Do check out the social media & IndieDB for time to time for the latest updates on Guardian Light of The World. You surely don’t want to miss getting it on the very first day? Happy Gaming!

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