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Warhead FPS booster

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Dragon Age : Dark Times ACT I

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Dragon Age II

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Disclaimer – I will try and keep this spoiler free but be warned I may imply or suggest things that you may not want to read if you have yet to play the game. Also this is not a review, but an opinion based on my experience and nothing else. If you disagree please comment below or if you feel so inclined posts your own rebuttal

Disclaimer aside onto the main event:

I didn’t expect to write this but I have been playing Dragon Age 2 since it was launched, I have tried to experience all variations of characters gender, talents and personality and I have to say that overall I feel disappointed.

It seems odd as just last week I was saying:

“To avoid any confusion, I should clarify that there is a difference between I want more, and I expect more. I want more of Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age 2(Yeah I’m a Bioware fanboy)”

I can’t say why exactly, I have thought long and hard about it but I can’t quite put my finger onto a single flaw. It seems to be a lot of little things rather than one major gamebreaker. It goes without saying that there are obvious improvements between DAO and Dragon Age 2 but I don’t intend to go into them as this isn’t a review so I can be as Biased as I want. So without further ramblings here are my

Top 10 reasons why I felt disappointed at Dragon Age 2.
The story; the first game had a huge story about a once in a lifetime blight and ended with an epic rooftop battle with an Archdemon. If you beat the Archdemon it felt like an accomplishment. YOU and only you had saved the world from war and depending on how you played the game you could have sacrificed yourself for the greater good. Dragon Age 2 couldn’t have a 2ndonce in a lifetime blight but the story they did go for just didn’t seem as heroic a task as saving the world. There is definitely more of a story to tell but the game ends on a cliff hanger

The timeline: Bioware hyped up the fact the Hawke became the champion of Kirkwall and this was his/her story of how they got there and tha


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