Wow this site has changed. Looks like everyone from my modding time has pretty much quit as well.. We made one good run we wouldn't have made it anywhere if it wasn't for my good friend which now is a father and a husband. Seven_Diamonds. Thanks man and congrats on everything your daughter should be a year by now and that's great! Thanks everyone for supporting the mods I released. I know they never got to far but hey shit happens when you get back stabbed by a guy you thought you could trust, (KnightProwl which is an asshole thank god he quit modding.) Well everyone I probably won't sign in again. I'm starting sophomore year in High School. If you ever do happen to see a newer video on youtube from truecrime510 or MindLess Ghost that's me still doing modding when I have free time. I haven't done it much lately I've been working and going to school. Well thanks everyone! Goodbye my old friends if you're still here and modding keep it a comin'!


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