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Project Black Sun

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Aside from the controls being a bit bleh, and the lack of a wide selection for sound track. I must say this is probably the best Metroidvania indiegame ive played.

The map may be small, but the difficulty there to make it last awhile, and because of clever design, the grinde to collect everything can easily be done as you progress through the game, as youll be going through familiar areas (rather quickly you will find) a couple of times, and able to explore areas you couldnt before with each pass.

The soundtrack may be lacking in quantity, but the quality is actually quite great in my opinion, most deff better than some games I have played. They really fit their part.

The controls are really the big downer here. But the customization is really nice. If your using controler though, i highly recomend using joytokey, or motionjoy to get the job done (or both)

The difficulty? yes.. this game will beat your... tooshie like a...
Its very hard, and very unforgiving. So unforgiving, that youll be praising your god, and everything holy when you get your first heart power up.
But dont let that be intimidating, as the tedious process of repeating over and over, is only pushed to where your last checkpoint. Oh and btw, yeah, you get to keep your upgrades if you die. So much less raging required =w=

All in all 9/10


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