latecomer to Modding for Deus Ex; mapping and modeling

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basilisk wip#1
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mikak Author

it's a bit bright at the moment, i'll tone that down later, got a weird "not sure if daytime or nighttime" vibe to it

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current wip shot of my dxmp? (not sure if this is going to work for multiplay, is currently sitting at 30mb)) basilisk map. essentially the feel i want to create is that there is a castled town up there, and the basilica is just on the outside wall, that area to the right is an enclosed gated courtyard. therefore the whole map is based in the township that is just outside the castle, but fortification via a latter design, ie those brown brick red tiled towers and walls has been incorporated into the layout of the town. it has 3 stratified levels, low, med, high. this pic shows med and high, therefore it isn't alot of terrain.

stuff still to do; lighting, need to finish the indoor lights and building specific lighting. then adjust the world light accordingly

windows. trying to make the map as interactive as possible, so there are alot of breakable windows, allowing for new paths, and sniper positions inside buildings

textures. going to remove all my singleplayer mod textures and replace with dx vanilla ones just incase i can make it playable in multiplayer

weps. using ww2 weps by cataclysm at moment, also LAW's, which are located in the most horribly exposed positions, so collect at your own risk, but easily the best method to take out a well entrenched foe

brushwork. a little bit more brushwork here and there, i want to keep it simple and clean for steady fps, but also want to keep it interesting,

out of bounds buildings. i need to figure out all the viewable vistas for the 4 cardinal directions and use sihlouetted buildings to break-up the view of the skybox, so that it feels like the world extends beyond that wall at the edge of the map

also tested with precipitation mod, looks really nice, bit of a nuisance for testing tho, luckily my pc was still running steady 60fps with double the frequency and a 1024 radius. probably not going to get included if multiplayer tho.

gonna go out on a limb and say i'll have it done by next weekend, 7days starting now...

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