Hello my name is Philipp Schmidt. I’ve studied Game Art at the SAE Institute Bochum (Germany). Now i’m working on my Portfolio to apply for a Intership oder Environment / 3D Artist Position. But i'm also looking for some interessting Projects (Freelance Work).

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We decieded to drop the hole JP and CryEngine thing and start a new project with the UNITY Engine.
The new project has nothing to do with Dinosaurs or some JP stuff, it's a hole new thing.

Why we decided to leave the JP theme?

Short Answer: Not enough Manpower! We where 3 people at the end and for 3 people this is tooo much.
For one Member also the studie has begun. And mine begin in April. So you actually can see that this inst't the best prerequisite.

We keep you updated on the new project!

Finally it is alive!

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Here you can see the very first Animation in the game. Now we found out how it works :)

All done by our talented Member "Broetchen"!!

At this Moment i build my first Dinosaur for our new Mod Project. Here is the beginning :-)

I choose the Gallimimus (Waht a Name 0.o) because he has a nice smooth form and i thought for the beginning this is the right one.

User Posted Image

The Basic Shape is ready :-)

User Posted Image

Delete the RtJP Mod in your Brains!
Me and other Members dropped the Mod and a make ab better one! At the Moment we have about 25% Finished.

The Problem was that the Mod is in Development since 2008 and not realy happens...
So we diceded to make our own Mod (with our Models, nothing is from the RtJP Mod!)

Finished! Stay tuned!!



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Greetings my friends from far and near!

One weak ago i posted some things. In this week i learned some new cool stuff.
At the Moment 3ds max is rendering the first Walk Cycle for the Mod. When max is finished i will upload the Video. It's not the final one, it is only a test with the CAT Tool. So nothing Special for you, but for me it is very cool :-)

User Posted Image

Interesting Stuff

metteigel Blog

Today now news, but some nice old Stuff!

Some old Stuff from the Far Cry thing that never be released :-(

This is from i mean 2007 or 2008.

P.s. turn your Volume down!!
The best thing is the Dino Sign :-D

Nothing Special..

metteigel Blog

I hate Bamboo!! There are NO good Textures on the Internet!

I started the WC. Here is a very very early WIP Picture.

User Posted Image

Here some Creativity Food :-D

User Posted Image

Little Update...

metteigel Blog

Just a little Update:

The "Wegweiser" Sign is now ready and the Mesh of the Bunker too.

Later that night i will start with the "T-Rex WC".

User Posted Image User Posted Image

Sooooo 03:43!

Ankylosaurus (made by Broetchen) = RDY

Bunker (Basic for test import) = RDY

User Posted Image User Posted Image

Back again with some wonderful Bunker Screen :-)

I must make the Bump, Normal and Specular Map for this one :-)

@WTF?! 300 characters length???

OK here we go:


User Posted Image

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