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Enhanched (p)review:
Aplha testing of a Beta mod
Enhanced is a mod with a lot of potential. Many interesting features have been implemented in this mod, with an emphasis on increased quality of the gfx of ZeroHour, using ENB as an addon, combined with other nifty tricks. Since the mod is still in its early development phase, I will not dwell on the fact that it hates to run on my ZeroHour config (even in a cleaned up dir). The max running time I achieved was about four minutes. That should not withold you from trying the mod out, because the modders *need* your feedback to make it a stable, true beta release, which it's not now (at least not on my machine). As you will see in my screenshots section, I've put a lot of efford to get at least some nice screens for you to evaluate the mod, in case you have bandwith constraints and need good (p)reviews, before you can download your material.
Good stuff implemented is the BossGeneral that you can play, which has a mix of Chinese, US and GLA tech. Other good things are interestingly modified maps, new units and a nice AI, which will make you adapt your defense stratigies.
There's also an advanced wheather system with sunrays, which will look weird on your system, if you don't know that you need to activate ENB in-game with [shift-F12] and you also need to drop your brightness to about 9 dashes, in the options screen. I know this, because I was lucky enough to read, download & play Tiberain:Dawn:Redux, *before* I truly played with Enhanced. Without the activation of ENB, and the significant brightness drop, the screen will look painfully bright & weird on your default in-game visual prefs. After having thoroughly read the TDRedux instructions, I could substitute those parameters in Enhanced.
You will see screens, where I show you the display with and *without* ENB, and you'll see how bad the screen looks without it. In my defense-build screenshots you'll see the mist and the nice overview, chopper cash sorties, also with and without ENB.
You'll also notice that I was attacked by surprise with the AI's SkudStorm, because the counter was *not* visible! That's a serious bug which needs to be addressed really fast. Another issue which needs to be addressed fast, is the fact that strange blocky objects appear on systems with nVidia vga cards, usually when an object explodes, something that's stated on the mod's page, and attributed to driver issues, by the modders. Imho that problem is within the mod, because all nVidia users seem to get that on their display. Apart from the fact that the mod doesn't seem to be ready yet for wide tests (which is the definition of a beta), a lot of good things have been achieved by the mod team already.
This can be a nice mod, once its debugged properly. From my point of view it's still an alpha version...

Repeatable Enhanced:mod crash-info & screen:
Go here for the info on that. There's a nice preview on Enhanced with ten screenshots, showing the great potential of the mod. Help the modders out by testing it out on your system.

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