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KVM tip has been moved here

I've downloaded Tiberain Dawn Redux and am going to dive into the mod, after I was forced to wait half a day, due to the above mentioned error. My initial experiences are in the review that can be found here.
As I had envisioned, this mod is definately one you need to play too. It's well worth the download. The resume function of the moddb mirrors work fine, so you don't need to worry about downloading it piece by piece, if you have a slow pipe to The Net.

ShockWave map pack
I've 'found' this on 31-dec-2K11
This is a valuable addon for ZeroHour::ShockWave. I'm currently downloading this addon in background and will also provide a review of it, once I've played through some maps. For me the AI in the maps is the most important for now. According to the readme in the pack, the maps are specifically modified for the new AI of ShockWave, which means that they've all been tested by the mod-group.

Now verifying the download:
$ md5sum 2011_03_16_ShwMapPack.zip
2a21ea7f993a99fc77935a320c9b9cd0 2011_03_16_ShwMapPack.zip
Fileintegrity ok

In the past few days I've played on a few maps an the pack is great! The AI is good and a lot of extra gaming hours are added to Shockwave. (It takes a nice ammount of time to play each map against AI)

Destructive Forces marine spawn bug:
I was once able to spawn a marine on the field without a crash. After I added the ability to create C4, the next marine I created crashed the game, the moment it spawned. It seems that I shouldn't add that ability to the marine here. I'll investigate this further and will update you with what I've found.

Another interesting addon for Zero hour was just found (05-jan)
BNOB-v15-english-version: With this gem you can get nicer graphics with standard zero hour and most Zero hour mods!

Make sure to read my other blog entries too ;)

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