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Metallduke @ Flying Wild Geese

Ok - noted.

In tactical view everyone has the option and should work together with other special forces - tactical reconnaissance - for example. That's the game. - But maybe your are right.

I'm working on an update for this and maybe the others maps anyway and I'll think about it.

However currently I have fun in creating a small MOD and a few new props for this game. These things are in my main focus, cause it costs a lot of time, too ... :-)

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Metallduke @ Flying Wild Geese


Making a quite good looking and working well map, costs a lot of time.

My english is ok but not perfect and all the tutorials explain a lot of stuff but at last not the essential things. In addition all the tools are primary not made for the public and all are a little bit bugy.

After making the fishing ground map, I unsuccessful tried to contact some of the MW team, because I had problems with trying to integrate some new props and features...

I don't know if they knew about this - using the features of this site sometimes is more difficult than creating a map... :-) anyhow till today I didn't get an answer.

How ever - currently, I try myself on a few little MODs - step by step ;-).

My distant goal is to get the Blackhawdown Mod or something similar working again and creating a map for it ...

Greetings, MD.

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Metallduke @ Flying Wild Geese

Updated: V1.1

Only added a little bit foam around rocks, bridges and the waterfall.

I finally found a way to get it ... anyhow, it has annoyed me and left me no peace :-)
How ever ...I think the water looks better now.

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Metallduke @ World in conflict map Fishing ground fell

Thanks for the voting and all private comments.

I soon still release another map, also in different variations.
I'm just still testing...

All interested can have a look to some preview snapshots under:

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