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well to an one who wanted to see that war of the ring multi player map i apologize for not updating in 6 months, i never got the AI to work using siege weapons and sadly lost interest but that is only half of it, the other half is i use the Edain mod, which they are doing some crazy awesome changes over there which i strongly recommend checking it out, i know its not in English but you can get an English patch that will make it in English not all that well mind you because it is Google translate but you will understand everything required to enjoy yourself. back to original point i am holding on map production becauase i will have to make radical changes to the map in order to adjust to what they are doing over there. but i will say that i will make duplicate maps that will work with and without edain but the war of the ring maybe another story simply because they are changing the AI alot and they will use seige engines by default akin to BFME 1. but if i ever get around to getting the AI to work i will post that version up. i will start working on it sense edain i feel will be released in a month or two.


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aforementioned above yousee what i said is partly true wholly ture infact in a certain point of view i have taken it upon myself to provide a legit Battle for middle earth map for lord of the rings and by that i mean a map that encompass the war in the south, you know minis tirith helms deep yada yada, mordor every thing but. there is a slight problem that, not so much a problem as more of a opportunity for you to help me decide, the war in the south had a lot of fortress historicaly and not just the south i mean nay fortress is possible here, heres the deal i want you to tell me what you would like to see in this map. like helms deep and minis tirith given but that leaves out about six other possible bases so im going to give you a list of what i am probably going to do, but if you make a suggestion i will change it to what the majority says, if you want say mirk wood, dol guldor, erebor, moria, the black gate, mordor minas morgul and rivendell just say so. here is my list

good faction
Helms deep
Minis Tirith
Erebor (will take time to implement correctly never done an erebor map)

Mordor(yes a fortress of mordor will be a pain to make probably take awhile but it would be cool got to admit)
Moria( i would like to establish moria as a goblin fortress as it was home to a large and vast amounf of goblins)
Minas morgul

now these can change and probably will as this is going to be a large project will probably take me a long ass time I start Saturday. now if you want any of your ideas implemented please comment below i will check regularly.


new fortress roster
Osgiliath split in two with river inbetween
underground goblin bas (not going to be a moria base as it was to big of a pain to line up the gegraphical locations to be accurate)
good factions
osigiliath mentioned above split in two this one on the side of minas tirith.
Helms deep
Minas tirith
Please comment below this is just the in works version so everything is not final wish i knew how to take pictures so i could show you how far along it is.

well its a new day and it calls for an update, map production is ongoing but close to finish with the beta which i will be uploading here probably late sunday or midday monday, so please comment below as i could realy use some feedback for this one. all in all no changes, all fortresses basically done cept the goblin one right now im texturing the bases that are done so see any one who reads this tommorow.

texturing is done but i have run in to a snag, i want to make the AI work in the map but it requires an a lot of scripting work which i haven't much experience in that area so first upload will be a bit later on.
good news i got a hand on this scripting thing finaly got the AI to use the gates, the beta will be ready by tommorow, i hope. theres a few bugs i have to fix before uploading but it should be up soon.

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