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MatinSanguine @ Dev diary - Dwarfs

Nice to see an update of the status of the mod. As a modder myself I know it can be difficult to sustain yourself in working on mods, especially in a large project, so I commend you and your team for keeping this going; I can't wait until the mod becomes playable (beyond the pre-alpha stage)!

Anyway, in response to your competition:

'What is the Legion of the Dead?'

The Legion of the Dead is a Dwarven military order that answers solely to the monarch in Orzammar, and are dedicated to combating the darkspawn within the Deep Roads, although on occasion they have/can venture to the surface to combat them there, as seen during the Fifth Blight.

There are several key features that distinguishes the Legion of the Dead from the main dwarven army: The first stems from their initiation rite, wherein the recruits are given a funeral, where they proceed to cut themselves off from their past life and say farewell to their loved ones, in order for them to have no fear of the darkspawn due to them already being "dead" so to speak. Another key feature is that they owe their sole loyalty to whomever the monarch of Orzammar is. Thirdly, they typically (not unlike the Grey Wardens) recruit any Dwarves regardless of their caste or place in society: Some do so to have debts forgiven to their families, others to regain honour either for themselves or for their family/house, others to atone for their crimes and some for the glory of it (it should also be noted that members of other races can join, but it's extremely, extremely rare). The final feature is that, as alluded to above, the Legion is open to all regardless of caste or social status, as the Legion of the Dead, unlike the main Dwarven army, is not in fact a caste and lacks any sort of meaningful social status within the main Dwarven society, although they can sort of be elevated to the ranks of nobility in the DA:O sidequest "The Dead Caste" located in 'The Dead Trenches', as your character can discover their historical links to nobility; a House Ferald specifically.

A final note, they used to have their headquarters at Bownammar, but lost it some time in the past.

Keep up the good work!

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MatinSanguine @ Elder Kings 0.1.5 Zip Archive

It needs an older version of the game in order to work, 2.1.4 to be exact (going off the notes).

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MatinSanguine @ Brief Update

It's certainly nice to see some progress on this, good luck while you work on it!

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MatinSanguine @ Mars 2014 News

Nice to see some activity! I'm eagerly awaiting for this project, and wish you good luck in continuing your work.

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