Someone with not enough time on their hands. From simple script writer to operating system developer, I cover everything I can. Experienced in C, with a love for the traditional UNIX philosophy. I rarely do game development and modding lately.

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>>The Hans-Frohman Bomb (Also known as HFB or "Huge Freekin' Blaster") is a really, really powerful timed bomb. Don't get fooled by its size, though. This tiny box has so much compacted explosive material in it to blow up a whole building from bottom to top in seconds.<<

HFB UT99 is a port of an old weapon of mine from an unreleased ZDoom mod called 'Weirdstuff Saga: Episode One'. The model was made in a hurry (of about 3 weeks :P), so it's not too much detailed and has some few visual glitches (didn't really see that one while pressing buttons when I was editing the model in 3dsmax).

The awesome (and laggy) part comes now, the explosion effect. The script uses lots of heavy calculations, and also relies on the use of actor-based particles, both of these combined make for a perfect CPU+GPU killer, but the effect achieved is, though, kinda pretty.

There's still a lot of work ahead with this thing (and with the rest of the Zanaveth Mutator Suite), specially fixing that damn imprecision in the button-pressing animation... ¬¬

The video was recorded with FRAPS and made the game run at an average of about 15FPS. However, it didn't affect the explosion at all, IT ALWAYS IS THAT SLOW!!

PS: I'll also upload a video of the ZDoom one in action, for comparison.

PPS: There's also an UT3 version planned for when I finish this one.

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