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The history of UBX

UBX first started in 2001, when I got bored of playing standard UT. I didn't have Internet at home, so I couldn't download mods. I made one myself, and called it "UBX 1: Actualized UT".

UBX 1 was a hack to the original UT. It just had 2 extra weapons and over 160 more maps. Some time while I was playing, the game crashed and I had to reinstall it.

Then, in 2003, I made another mod, this time it was UBX 2. The first version was finished successfully. UBX 2 had a full new inventory, 30 maps and some more custom stuff.

Suddenly, while I was adding new data to the mod, I accidentally messed up the main package. I had to start again. I made a second version of the mod. UBX 2 V2 wasn't much different.

UBX 2 V2 slowly evolved and turned into UBX 3 V1. A new mod with 35 weapons, 20 maps, and more custom content. But then I discovered the internet, and finally I was able to get real mods.

During the update proccess from V1 to V2, the main package got messed up.

Now there's UBX 3 V2, a 170MB package with over 70 weapons, 10 maps and tons of useless custom content. The core of what will be UBX 3 V3 is there. I just need to add some extra stuff to it, like models and maps.

Now I'm making the UBX 3 V2.5 tech-demo. Hope you like it and definitely think it's a good idea to join me.

My last words are... Get ready to enter the UBX Universe!!! :)

     -UBX Master, THU 6 DEC 2007 19:34:09

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