Someone with not enough time on their hands. From simple script writer to operating system developer, I cover everything I can. Experienced in C, with a love for the traditional UNIX philosophy. I rarely do game development and modding lately.

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So slow...

Here come the updates:

- ZWeapon system is almost finished. I'm doing a full test of its power with an upcoming mod (explained below).

- The UBX Resurrection Mod. Bringing back the best stuff from UB1 to UBX 3 V2. With some extra additions to fill up empty spaces. Some of the models are brand new, others are modified UT and Unreal I ones with different animations. Textures are fully recreated in high resolution. There's a total of 12 weapons for the first release, but maybe I'll add more just like I did with that Ultra Suite thingy.

- A remake of DOM-Metalic]I[EDR (one of my best maps IMO, that got deleted from FileFront all of a sudden, with me not having any backups). It doesn't look much like it, and it's even bigger. It has a very high poly count and relies a lot on the use of Quake 3 textures.

- UBXWeather system. Something I made as a scripting experiment. It lets you add rain, snow, fog and other things to maps. It's highly optimized even if it relies on actor-based particles.

- HFB UT99. Still needs some optimization. From what you can see in that video I uploaded, it is indeed too heavy on the CPU and causes immense amounts of slowdown.

- WS8. This is an alternative to the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library made all on my own.

- OpenPONIKO 2.0. Currently on pre-release beta 2. The source code is currently closed and the program unavailable for anyone other than myself, but the bot is being tested on various IRC networks and users can suggest changes and new features.

- Uboa Engine. Still slowly being made. I'm starting to believe this won't be released before the end of this year as I had planned.

- Gaming news: I finished Duke Nukem Forever. It's pretty decent, actually (unlike all of these CoD-like pieces of crap that are being made now). I tried RAGE, but then I raged (lol) at the horribly awful texture streaming. Right now I'm trying to do a full play of all the official Touhou games in existence. I couldn't get past a certain point of Highly Responsive to Prayers, but at least I had infinite continues.

I don't really have much free time now since I'm kinda busy doing a degree in software design, but I try to do all I can.

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