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The Reckoning Third Stage

Mod review

Amazing mod. Wish it got picked up and developed more by another modder but it's amazing as it is for being a fantastic overhaul despite the few bugs (like helicopters and companions).

Gas masks are also amazingly implemented and a must to have to prevent from being knocked out (from Aryan Snipers and other chemical gas type enemies).

For being an old mod, it honestly has the most replayability and fun I've found than any other mod.


Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod)

Mod review - 1 agree

One of the great mods currently out for the Far Cry 2 community. Definitely give it a shot if you looked to play the game with a pure Vanilla focus.


Far Cry 2

Game review - 1 agree

The Best Far Cry.


Far Cry 2: Redux

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

I ************* love this mod. It doesn't add any "graphics enhancements or other features. There's no super Mario jumping like in New Dunia or unbelievably bad AI changes.

Hell, I had so much ******* fun blasting away the bodyguards using the silenced shotgun at the mansion (for first UFLL subvert mission) and they couldn't find me while I listened to their conversations! This is bloody well made that it's great for a "better vanilla" run of FC2. I just wish it also had the machete stealth takedown that New Dunia had to make it complete for players (like myself) that like to play things with stealth (and do not want to download New Dunia itself because of its bad Far Cry 1/EXTREME AI change. This mod really deserved mod of the year for good reason!


Far Cry 2: Remastered Game (New Dunia)

Mod review - 4 agree - 3 disagree

It's an okay mod if it works.


N.S.DMX. Final Cut.

Mod review - 1 disagree

Alright so I can tell by experience that this is an ON-THE-RAIL Mod. It has a new custom storyline (retained from Stalker Soup or the original but it comes with much frustration down the line.

To get a better view of this mod, I'll compare it with Call of Chernobyl. Now... Call of Chernobyl gives you the freedom to play as any faction and do all the **** you want to do (play in story, free play mode, faction wars (with their plentiful addons), etc.

This mod is much much different. It is more story oriented and needs you to follow a guide in order to accomplish things when you get in trouble. Meaning: you can't have this NPC die or you can't take this item at a certain point.

While there is a plethora amount of quests, you really can't make you own choices unlike in CoC. Though the devs of this mod are continuing to update this mod with translations and whatnot.

If you can bare having an ON-THE-RAILS storyline, then by far go ahead! If you want a free play mod, then steer clear away or go play Call of Chernobyl.

Joint Pack 2 adds a lot more content (aside from the translations) but may also follow the same ON-THE-RAIlS story. May wanna take a look at that after or before hand.

So I'll recommend this at a 7 mainly because it's being updated to this day and is rather fun in terms of comparison to the SHOC storyline and extensive content. Though once you're done with this mod... you're just done.

7/20 - Maybe with the upcoming update that DKZ announced... things will be much more different!



Mod review

Its like a newly updated floris mod but MUCH MORE variety!!! What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD DIS SHAT!!! ( ͡o ᴥ͡o)

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