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I was with closely involved in the beta testing of the Serious Sam and SE version of HiT-SQUAD, and the mod was very playable. However, it was only playable on a LAN environment.

The main reason that HS switched engines is because of the net code patch that was never released for Sam. There are of course other reasons, but that was the big one.

In addition to SS complete internet suckage, HL2 gave us options and new directions in what we can do with the mod. Most of these new options were either:

A. Completely unavailable in the SS engine.

B. Would increase the development time to greater than or equal to N

As far as your accusations about Mailman voting to kick you, well, I was never really big on that web site. However, I have known Mailman for 5-6 years.

Assuming he noticed you enough to actually vote for your dismissal is assuming an awful lot. I think the only time Mailman actually even thought about you not being in the SS community was when you posted here. Beyond that, I believe the lack of your presence really didn’t shake anyone’s world.

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Mailman Creator

Get your facts straighy Happy....

I never voted for you to be removed from the Serious Forums. I don't recall being included in any such vote. I never read this infamous thread which got you banned. I always tried to keep an open mind about your situation despite everyone's deep dislike of you.

You have no right to come to my profile and personally attack me for no reason whatsoever. This kind of action is childish and rude. Just get over the whole Serious Sam forum thing. Its not worth staying mad over for this long of a time.

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I want people to know what kind of a man is "making" this mod.

About 2 years ago, mailman's mod was for serious sam. Around 1 1/2 years ago, I had a misunderstanding with the main sam site and was booted. When it came time for me to return a vote was taken.

Mailman voted not to let me return to the serious community. Ultimately I was not allowed to return.

During the following 1 1/2 years, I completed and release a mod for serious sam along with lots of enemy and weapon replacements, tutorials for the game etc.

After voting not to allow me back in the community, mailman then went on vacation and basically never returned.

So what kind of man is mailman?

The kind of man that will vote to keep someone away from a place they will not even be at.

The kind of man that says he is working on a project for 2 years and then moves to another engine.

Mailman is a mod wannabe. His project will never be released. He likes telling people that he is working on a mod because it inflates his ego.

No matter, mailman will always be a bullshitting, spiteful person who will vote to hurt other people simply because he can.

And if you ask him about it he will not even have the testicles to admit his actions.

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