I appreciate fine pony art and music that has been made by the Brony community, see, we DO have talent... Luna is best alicorn, I also run the "Bronies of Moddb" group.

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My Influence

ℒuna-tic™ Blog 3 comments

My Influence

I'm just making this so I can keep track of the groups (Not Profiles) I run around the internet and
other places, that I remember, if you're reading this and aren't me, then you can visit these places
I guess and you will find me there...

~Assassin's Guild: Moddb.com
~Bronies of Moddb: Moddb.com
~C&C4 Fan Group: Moddb.com
~Computer Constructors: Moddb.com

~Bronies of Moddb™ : Steamcommunity.com
===The New Lunar Republic=== : Steamcommunity.com
~The Royal Sisters of Equestria: Steamcommunity.com
~STS Live Gaming: Steamcommunity.com
~The Eternal Nights of Canterlot: Steamcommunity.com
~Hearts For' Hearts Gaming: Steamcommunity.com

#Puristic-bronies: Puristic-bronies.deviantart.com

I also run a guild on C9 (Continents Of The Ninth) called "NewLunarRepublic"

Fame, fame everywhere...
So that's it from what I can remember, i'll update it as needed...
More soon.

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Bronies of Moddb

Darkest Of Nights

ℒuna-tic™ Blog

Darkest of Nights

by ~TwilightsAurora (Aka Aegis Duskpyre)

This is what I haven't known and felt.
All I have done is hit the bottom.
The warmth of Light has denied me
From this prison of darkness that I can never leave.

I have none left.
The deception of Warmth surrounds me.
The joys and wonders
Of feeling this has escaped me.

This slimy and clammy feeling.
So thorough through my soul and body.
Where did this come from?
When will this Cold end?

This is what I feel and only see.
What is this new situation I have fallen into?
The cold of Darkness is permeating my bones.
Warmth escapes me without hesitation.

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Bronies of Moddb

The Bronies of Moddb are now on Steam!

ℒuna-tic™ Blog 1 comment

That's right, so if you visit here and use Steam, be sure to join-up and spread the word!

I have been meaning to start a Steam group for a while now, and I have finally got around to doing it, it's main purpose is to spread the word of this group, but you can also talk to and invite friends there.Currently the group doesn't have a clan tag, but that is in the works, if you have an idea, put it in the comments!

If you're interested, it can be found here: Steamcommunity.com


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Site "Update"?

ℒuna-tic™ Blog 2 comments

Can everyone see these "Embed Page" buttons!?!

They're everywhere, I hate them where they are, I know that on the stats page there are some buttons to help promote the group, but shoving these in my face, it's shocking, i'm not happy, Moddb needs to stop adding useless features, I mean, I know how to promote a group, I don't need this...

The Twitter gadget was good, it was on the side of the page and displays useful information, but these buttons are bang in the middle and of no use to me, these need to be movable at least. They need a feature that allows you to edit the profile like DeviantART can, to slide around/remove widgets as needed...

Ok, i'm ranting, but I have cause too as they annoy me.

At least move them to the Stat's tab and remove them from everywhere else.

If you got em', use em'

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Bronies of Moddb

Trying My Hand (Whoof?) At Fanfiction

ℒuna-tic™ Blog

I thought I would start reading a fanfiction today, never have before.

I'm currently reading "Tough Love - Luna Vs. Celestia" by Aegis Shield, it's a dark adventure fic.

Description from the author:
After her complete defeat at the royal wedding, Celestia's ego is shattered. Luna promises to whip her sister back into shape, because it'll take far more than a few laps around the palace to put a grown alicorn at the top of her game. But, with Celestia coming home each day with a new set of bruises and a slightly more forward royal attitude, her subjects begin to fear her more than love her. Is Luna's ... special training turning her into a monster, or is it all according to some greater plan? It's time for some tough love!

(Warning: Dark tag for some Celestia abuse.)

It's only 120 pages long, or 51,816 words, so i'll be here for a while :)

The Fic: Fimfiction.net

Assassin's Creed Revelations Soundtrack

ℒuna-tic™ Blog 2 comments
This is the complete soundtrack of Assassin's Creed Revelations, all 3 CD's worth with a total of 80 tracks from YouTube, uploaded and compiled by by Gears2Halo.

All music belongs to Ubisoft and it's respective creators, watch in HD for best effect.

The Fandom

ℒuna-tic™ Blog 3 comments
This fandom is unique. We openly practice love and tolerance, something most say but don't do. We don't wait for a theme or instance to be made by the creators of the story, We MAKE it. We are the dreamers, The creators. We create our own fandom, We create music better than most main stream on a common basis. We make art good enough for Museums. We love and tolerate, We stand together. We are all brothers and sisters, Standing as one, Creating as one. We are not just a fandom.
We are Bronies

We may never have seen one another, or will never see each other again but we know all of us. What we have done is unique for our generation, and shall be the bar set for future generations to surpass with their own imaginative worlds of lore. We all can call each other our friends, even though our race or ethnics may be vastly different, yet we are branded as freaks and criminals, with our crime being that of tolerance and lust for a better world above mere material wishes.
We are Bronies.

My Stat's

ℒuna-tic™ Blog

If you wanted to know my stat's instantly, this graph will tell you any hits my profile has had.

Huge Thunderstorm, Hot day!

ℒuna-tic™ Blog

There is a huge thunderstorm going over tonight, lots of rain and lightning.

This followed the hottest day recorded in november here, which got to a massive 44.7Co, that might not be hot in some places, but here that is very hot. Some places in SA got hotter, up to 46Co but the temperature here was more then enough to keep us inside and have to stay cool.

The wind was just the main reason for all the heat today as it was comming from the Northern Territory, there was also a sand storm from this wind that almost wrecked the paint job on my car, just covered it in time. (Can't wait until i drive can drive it!, only 15)
Last bit of light (Refer to blog)
Back to the point, the lightning is getting closer and the whole sky was eventualy covered by clouds. the picture on the right is of the last remaining light before the thunder and lightning hit. The rain was pouring down and it was hard to take pictures with all the rain and i also filled up my XD card in my OLYMPUS camera.

As i was writing this, the storm had probably passed over with the occasional flash and rumble now and then.

(The time was: 9:09 pm on the 19th of November when this was writen, regardless of what ModDB says)

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