Hey everybody , not sure what to put here but I'm not really a major modder so don't expect anything majorly awesome. mostly i just do reviews and strategy guides to war games.

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Fairly nice mod . A few things that need improvement , but is one of the best mods on this site for Generals . Adds near future aircraft for China and U.S.A. that makes this mod very interesting . Also has a graphics level beyond what most mods are capable of for a game this old . This mod could revive the Generals series by its interest factor and graphics quality . End rating : 9 out of 10


C&C: Generals Zero Hour

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has decent graphics that are perfect for low end computers, is map friendly, and with a little elbow grease mod friendly. has a compelling campaign and story line , although EA probably could have done better with the opening videos to missions. all round a game with the ability to be marked in gaming history.


No Hope

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all round a good mod . since there are 3 versions i know of and each one compatible with a different version. updates many units and adds new units that are exellent and sometimes overpowered. adds many real world tactical aids which won my award of an 8.

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