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Perfect! TextMod will make things weird sometimes (even scary, haha), but that's not the creator's problem, just TM being moody :P! I found the mod easy to install, and the textures are just spectacular!


The Sims 3: Pets

Game review

I find this expansion really fascinating, the interactions with your pets are great, and LOOKAUNICORN 8D!!!

But it's the expansion that may give you more trouble with graphics. Your pets can have all sort of deformation (some really creepy, other just subtle) even if you have a graphic card higher than the recommended specs (I'm not talking about the minimum one, you see) which may lead to some sad surprises as soon as you install it.

Other than that, it's really cute :)!


The Sims 3: Ambitions

Game review

It's a nice expansion for those who focus more on the careers, but I don't really think that is a 'needed' expansion, there are other that, in my opinion, are much more fun!


The Sims 3

Game review

(First of all, forgive my English! I try my best, but failing sometimes is pretty much unavoidable...)

Sweet game, but I have to agree with Kastrenzo, I do miss a lot of features from TS2 too. In the other hand, I'm really addicted to personalized content, and about that I found out that is much easier to deal with them in TS3, with less possibility of getting a crash.

As always, you can't really trust the minimum requirements for the game, and expansions like Pets may give you a bigger headache than you expect (even compared to some later expansions).

Other than that, I really enjoy and have my good laughs while playing, which keeps me connected to it :)!

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