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lately I'v been playing a lot of differint games first start with skyrim great game should be game of the year!
then I started to look around on moddb for some good strategies but couldn't find some
Since strategy is my favorite since little kid I almost played every game there was about romans, knights, and sometimes a colonial game but since I almost played any strategy game I would like to ask does anybody know a good strategy from lately not a old game but from last years and so on.
I prefer strategies where you have a big country and try to conquer the world like europa universallis and al thos risk games. I would lika an 'earth' conquering game but europe will be good too.

hope someone of you makes a good suggestion!

Games Allready Played!:
All total war games
All anno's
Civilization IV and V
Europa Universallis III
and a lot more can't come up now.

the real time strategy like battle for middle earth and all those games you can pass I'm a little bit tired of them. I'm more a turn-based player.

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Half-life 2

LOTRuler Blog 4 comments

I'have been looking on the internet for hours without any progress. then I came to an idea maybe I can ask it in a blog.

Here it comes: ...

Does anybody, I mean anybody know,

how to play an mod on a downloaded half-life 2 from torrent.
If anybody knows the answer, response NOW!!

OK and if you think downloading sucks, just say it, but I am tired of all those ******* expensive games.

ok Thanks for reading.

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