This is mah account... i don't really even know why i am doing this but ah i don't care this is my account all i do here on this account is to look at mods and comment i do nothing else ;_; now go away.... Games List:(that i play and are multi-player) (M)=Mod (B)=Beta Garry's Mod (Mostly) Counter-Strike: Source (Rarely) Day of Defeat: Source (Rarely) Left 4 Dead 2 (Often) Team Fortress 2 (Regularly) (M) CS promod Beta (Rarely) (M) Empires (Rarely) (M) Obsidian Conflict (Often) (M) Situation Outbreak (Rarely) (M) Synergy (Rarely) (M) Zombie Master (So-So) (M) Zombie Panic (So-So) (B) Star-Craft II (Often) War-craft III: Frozen Throne (So-So)


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