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Report RSS Honorio Defends URCC Championship and SEA Games News.

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Honorio Banario defends his championship the second time and submits Patrick Manicad with an armbar.

I hope to post a link to a video of his latest fight soon.

Go Team Lakay!

Another news is that the Philippine Wushu Team is ready to compete in the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia.
After a lot of hard work and hard training, the team is ready to be put to the test in upcoming SEA Games.
There will be lots of competition with obviously Indonesia having the most athletes.

Coming from a Muay Thai background, I'm disappointed that sport Muay Thai wasn't included because of politicking and the name of the sport "Muay Thai" and that Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar complained that Muay is not exclusively Thai therefore it should not be called "Muay Thai" but "Muay" which translates "boxing" as the the aforementioned nations have similarities to Thai Boxing but do not call it Muay Thai and so the debate continues and the sport suffers from not being included in the SEA Games along with other controversies concerning games and other sports not being included.

Anyway I am excited on how our own Philippine Wushu Team will perform in the competition. Lots of hard work and new training have been invested by these athletes. I hope that they bring back the gold. Go Philippines!!!

Several folks pm'ed and asked me the names of the unarmed fighting arts that are similar to Muay Thai around South East Asia especially around Thailand. Actually you can search these on the web. Thank you for your interest.

Thailand - Muay Thai, Muay Boran (its Ancient Art) and other Ancient styles of Muay. Southern Style: Muay Chaiya, Muay Maa Yang, Muay Korat (Muay Paak Eesaan), Muay Paak Klang/Muay Lopburi, and Northern Styles: Muay Lampang and Muay Uttaradit.

Laos - Muay Lao.

Cambodia - Pradal Serey and another martial art Bokator.

Myanmar (Burma) - Lethwei and a non-Muay related martial art, Bando.

Malaysia - Tomoi.

As for Vietnam it has its own unique martial art named Vovinam.

For actual footages, you can search them on :)

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