Okay, Where to start... I'm a web designer, graphics designer, 3D modeller and game programmer born and raised in Wakefield, United Kingdom. I spend more time developing than playing video games, although you may catch me on Steam or Xbox Live playing a game or two. My major skill is web design. I can make a decent site within 3 days. And by decent, I mean you can do a lot. For example; Post comments, videos, and images. You can even dynamically ban a user depending on user ID and IP. I prefer working in code, although I may occasionally drop into design-view to align a few things in Dreamweaver. If you need a website, feel free to ask me and send me a mock-up of your desired layout/design.

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Uhh, What cat?

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Hey guys. Obviously, it's Leo. Most of you know me.

I thought I might as well start filling out my profile, so... here I am! I'm never any good at posting huge documents and whatnot. So, you're going to have to live with my posts being short and snappy. Like a baby crocodile!

Lately, I've been working on a website known as Project Qure. This is an on-line portfolio designed with "Remote Operation" in mind, this allows me to upload anything from anywhere, providing there's an internet connection. The website itself took a while to get to this point, however, I like the design and I'm pretty proud of the overall features. You should register and follow, that way you can receive more updates as and when they happen (mostly when I upload a file or whatever).

Anyway, that's all I can think of saying...
So, um. Guess I'll post something else later.
Over and Out;
- Leo

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