Some say... he has no understanding of the color brown... he has only ever eaten one cheese grater... he is the only real American not to vote for Barrack Obama... he has no bed, because he sleeps on the ceiling... he once ran a mile straight down... he outran a Bugatti Veyron...but the only reason why, was because he was driving it... all of his arms are anamatronic... his fourth leg can also be used as a battering ram... soon after he beat Bill Clinton in 2004, he decided not to be president, because he was afraid of the color white... his insides contain only popcorn... his factory was shut down, because it was declared to safe for the US government... his terrorist threat to kill the chairman of the EPA was foiled because he made a big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico... water makes him rust... rain makes him melt... he does not like the letter 5... the number i makes him irritable... oranges make him peel... his brain is a delicacy in 23 different middle-eastern countries...

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New Computer - New Profile

L00Ng_StRyKr Blog

Hello Friends!

I just got a new PC and had to set up a new account for my new games and such. Head on over here: for the fresh new me! I hope to be completely up to speed soon, but I need to transfer EVERYTHING over from the old to new. (You know how it goes) But i've gotta say, I LOVE it so far. WAAAYYY better to have a gaming tower than a 2010 laptop right? haha

Blog Update 3

L00Ng_StRyKr Blog 1 comment

Hello internet,

It has beena while since I posted a blog so I figured, why not today?

We begin with a question...What is your most anticipated game of 2013-2014?
(personally I think mine will be the new installment of the Command & Conquer series)

Second point of business - If you wanted to create or mod any game, which would it be and what would it be about?

For a long time I have had mind to develop an intricate game on a new engine which combines the elements of FPS MMO and RTS simultaniously on the same platform.
I bet you're thinking "woah woah woah, back up WHAT"
Exactly! This game would be set in a singlepayer RTS setting with online capability where players would build bases and control and army. (ok now we're getting somewhere but what about the FPS?) Calm down, I'm getting there. Within the game there would be an option for the player to take control of one specific unit or platoon to play those units exactly how they wanted while an AI took control of the battlefield control in general. Pretty rad, right? Take it a step further here's the story - Hundreds of years in the future WWV breaks out, it's a battle of the hemmispheres, East versus West. Following WWIV Europe became intigrated into Asia to become a group of conglomerate Communist states while the United States, Canada, South America (now colonized and modernized), and parts of Africa remain free Capitalist nations. Now the Communist East wants to unify the world, and strikes out against the West.
(Following so far? Good)
With amazing new technologies the West fights for survival, and based on the way a player plays the game, the outcome will differ. I.E. Decisions on how to attack and where define how the gameplay evolves. Decisions are EVERYTHING! In the end though the winning faction Evolves their space program and sets out on a mission to colonize a new planet.

If anyone would be willing to assist on a project like this, or get me into contact with a developer with the capability to get something like this done (preverably not EA because we know how those A-holes opperate) I would be eternally grateful.

New EA Games-Command & Conquer

L00Ng_StRyKr Blog 2 comments

Since Spike's Video Game Awards, we have known that EA is planning to release a new title to the C&C universe; however, it has taken many turns and downgrades along the way. What started out as a fun-looking sequel to classic C&C Generals turned into another EA fluke MMO. My feelings have been dead-set against EA since they screwed up Command & Conquer 4, but what do you think of this new title, or should I say copy of a title, as it steals the pure and just name created by Westwood Studios back in 1995-"Command and Conquer."

Looking for knowledge

L00Ng_StRyKr Blog


I've been giving it some thought lately and have been considering getting into the gaming industry non-professionally-perhaps a fallback should any other career go South. As of the time of this post, I have no significant knowledge in this field other than how to operate a computer fully and minor use of "Unity." What I'm looking for is someone who is willing to teach me the ways of the computer whiz. (I.E. how to mod, how to code, how to backdoor, etc.) Should anyone be willing to do this I would be extremely grateful. Modding/coding would be more of a hobby/extracurricular fun-time thing. Who knows, I may even decide to make a career out of it...

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