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Homeworld Remastered Collection Experimental Mod

Krnt Blog 2 comments

Since the launch of Homeworld Remastered Collection I've been working on moving most of the features of our old Homeworld Remastered collection Mod to the new engine, for the moment it has worked pretty well, and I have ended up expanding it to allow some important rebalancing options. The balance has been entirely redone derived from the Classic HW1 stats, especially in the mode to match the HW2 ship stats and weapons.

Since our Remastered Mod was mainly about trying to mimic as close as we could the stats and behavior of the ships in HW2 with improved graphics, I also did the same in this one, but allowing the player which type of balance he wanted to use in a match for the HW1 races in multiplayer, you can choose between HW1 Classic stats, Classic stats but with upgrades enabled like in HW2, HW2 ship stats and weapons but without upgrades, and the full HW2 package balance, also he can choose if he wants HW1 races to build ships in squadrons just like in HW2.

In the Campaign all ships have the Classic HW1 stats and weapons, there are still some issues to solve, also in multiplayer and skirmish all races have been enabled but some of them are still not functional but they will be eventually.

The big file is on Google drive and you can take a look if you are interested:

Working for Homeworld REMASTERED

Krnt Blog

Right now I'm working in a team for the first time, I've been working with them for almost a month already, and we have done a lot of work, like 35% of the mod is done but there is a lot of modeling and scripting ahead and I can't help them there.

I'm started working in the mod mainly making effects, but then started doing a lot of unrelated things like AI (which is still unfinished, and is still not working), weapons, ships stats, hods, and many other things, just to polish every single error I found.

The mod looks gorgeous and I love it, and I will put all the effort I can in it.

Homeworld ADV 1.55 unnofficial release

Krnt Blog

Recently a lot of people have asked me to release my ADV Mod so I've started to fix some little bugs and still crashes sometimes, but it can be played most of the times without problems, Still WIP because need a complete tear down and build up that will need a lot of time, also the progenitor race must be completely changed.

This is the last version available, only data folder and no installation instructions:

I couldn't upload it to moddb due to System and Internet service problems.

Any suggestions very appreciated, and you could contact me here on my email or in youtube:


Krnt Blog

These are some vids from a mod I've created like two years ago.

NFS HP2 Exotic Race

NFS Circut Race Murcielago
NFS Hot Pursuit 2 Race Z8
NFS Circut Race VX220 2

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